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Seeing Red: What the Scorpio Blood Moon Eclipse May 16 means for you

Eclipses aren’t all that rare—most years they occur twice in sets of two—but they can be unnerving, even life-altering. And this one is particularly potent, being in the intense, sensual, magical sign of Scorpio.

Next weekend’s lunation is called the Blood Moon because it makes a dramatic entrance with a reddish hue it takes on due to how the Sun’s light is reflected. A total lunar eclipse acts as a kind of supercharged Full Moon—and in such a powerful sign might be one of the most potent we can experience.

Exact time: 9:14 pm PT on May 15, 12:14 am ET on May 16.

Mercury is also retrograde now, indicating that only by reviewing the past can we best prepare for the future. The last time we experienced a lunar eclipse in that sign was April 25, 2013. Issues that rose to the fore may be in for a repeat performance or need to be dealt with in a totally new way.

The Moon conjoins the south node, indicating that we should jettison any unwanted emotional baggage that sign is prone to, such as anxiety, suspicion, dread, jealousy, a sense of alienation. And perhaps release any need to go to extremes or force a crisis to deal with those feelings.

Solace and positive potential lies in the opposite point, the Sun in Taurus. Where we learn to accept unconditionally, to love and appreciate ourselves and being in the moment, experience simple joys. Helpful aspects to both Mars and Neptune will assist in going with the flow. To realize we have a choice what kind of inner life and dialogue we want to create and maintain. The former planet gives us the will to pursue, the latter a sense of divine connection and desire to go higher.

Harshing our buzz is Saturn in Aquarius. In an air sign, it prefers to take a Spock-like logical approach and sneers at anything that cannot be rationalized away. Which includes emotions, especially messy or intense ones. But it has a superpower, which is detachment. An ability to step back and see the bigger, perhaps wiser, picture.

Scorpio also has to do with things going on behind the scenes. It is depth psychology, and hidden treasures await if we choose to walk the labyrinth. In the real world, we may get word of big changes ahead that, unknown to us, actually started long ago. Eclipses always bring surprises, so it might not be what you think.

Now what? Both this sign and its opposite, Taurus, have to do with finances. A breakthrough or new commitment might occur around this time, and fortune favours those with a strong sense of self worth.

With Mercury retrograde it’s probably not wise to charge into a new reality, at least not right away. But besides a trine to Mars and Neptune in Pisces, the Moon also sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. This is the kind of combo that makes dreams come true. But only if we’re willing to take the long view. And realize truly fulfilling and sustainable change will take time and patience as it unfolds organically. In this case, up to six months until the next eclipse cycle.

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