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July 4-10, 2022

A lively roller coaster ride awaits this week, with highpoints of inspiration and motivation and a couple of truculent low points to easily ride out.

The workweek kicks off on Monday with the Moon in diligent and detail-minded Virgo making aspects that could bring inspired thinking and contacts. And with action-star Mars at the final degree of exuberant Aries, our energy knows no bounds. However, this sign is also known for its warrior side, so it’s best to avoid possible conflict areas, like demonstrations or road rage.

Mars shifts into down-to-earth Taurus in the wee hours of Tuesday. Until August 20, this cycle will help focus our labours with an emphasis on tangible results. During its sojourn in Aries, we put a lot of balls in motion, now its time to carry through. This placement can help us slow the pace and be more intentional. The downside: we also find it harder to pivot, as we may stubbornly cling to our notion of how things should go. So extra effort is needed to stay flexible.

This placement also motivates us to seek solace in the garden of earthly delights. To seek simple pleasures like sharing food with loved ones or spending more time in nature. And being Venus ruled, enjoying art and music festivals.

Wednesday, July 6, the Libra Moon shifts our focus to relationships. But with communicator Mercury making an unruly aspect to Uranus, we may not like a lot of what we hear. Or may misspeak ourselves. Fortunately, Thursday’s trends provide some opportunities to kiss and make up. A cooperative spirit makes an appearance makes an appearance on all fronts, until hitting a major flashpoint in the evening hours.

The Moon moves into deep Scorpio waters on Friday. We’re able to deal with emotional realities, good and bad. And an exuberant Mercury-Jupiter square helps us to see the brighter, bigger picture.

The weekend outlook is also mixed. On Saturday, on early morning square from the Moon to Uranus could mean a sudden change of plans. Suspicion or disillusion could cloud our relationships. But though Luna encounters Debbie Downer Saturn in the evening, it moves on to an uplifting and inspirational trine to Neptune.

Our spirits are buoyed on Sunday. The Moon’s ingress into optimistic and free-ranging Sagittarius coincides with an energetic Sun Uranus sextile. We can find ingenious ways to hit the road despite current obstacles. Or turn a simple family gathering into the social event of the season.

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