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Weekly Horoscope: September 19-25, 2022

Balance is hard to come by in the leadup to the fall equinox, but Sunday’s New Moon kicks off an exuberant new cycle.

The week begins with the Moon in moody Cancer. But positive aspects most of the day help us fend off the blues and enjoy some warm connections. Come evening, though, a feeling of letdown or isolation could overtake.

Lunar aspects could make for a lively dreamscape that evening. Tuesday dawns with an obsessive Moon-Pluto opposition, which could helps us dig in get things done. It’s not a good day to confront any issues with anyone. Under a Venus-Saturn quincunx, we can go ‘round and ‘round without resolving anything.

On Wednesday, September 21, Luna has a fling in Leo’s lively and showy waters. Think social and creative! No pressure, you could just coast. But come Thursday morning, a square to shocking Uranus could make you an early riser, up to jot down some brilliant ideas. Moving on, it then aspects Saturn, bringing us back to reality.

Thursday’s big event: the fall equinox, the time when light and dark are equal, exact at 9:04 pm ET. The first planet Sol, newly in Libra, encounters during the new cycle is retrograde Mercury. This hints that during the new season relationships will be foremost in mind. And that one or more might require some rethinking or renegotiation.

But as always, Libra season calls for greater cooperation and collaboration. Sure you can go it alone, but co-creation gets you further. It’s great for schmoozing and networking, though tete-a-tete is most productive. Thoughts turn to romance, too. And to making if not the world then your personal space a more beautiful place through décor, art or music.

Miss anything? On Friday, Mercury will backpedal into Virgo, a sign that is big on details and fact-checking. And gains an ally as the Moon enters this perfectionist sign, too. This is a good time for a review, revise and refine, with the only potential drawback a tendency to overanalyze and lose the name of action. And make sure your critiques of others err on the constructive side.

The trend continues into the weekend. Saturday we may wish to cross a lot off the to-do list, but could overdo it. Sunday holds a New Moon in Libra at 5:55 pm ET. All such lunations mark a fresh start, and this one opposes optimistic Jupiter in energetic Aries. We can get a fresh wind, but need to remember to stay in balance. Venus separating from a dreamy opposition to Neptune makes us long for soul connections. And as it moves to an alliance with depth-minded Pluto, anything is possible.

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