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Weekly Horoscope: January 25-31, 2021

Breakthrough or break down? An illuminating Full Moon brings surprising and positive options, and lights new paths ahead.

“Moonday” (Monday) gets off to a sensitive start with Luna in its own sign of Cancer. Rather than over-react to real or imagined slights, we can use this intuitive and nurturing energy to support others.

Who’s the boss? Tuesday, January 26, brings a tense faceoff between the Sun in communal and collaborative Aquarius and erratic Uranus. Chaos may be unavoidable, so lean in. So too, old rigid rules may need to be broken, but try to play nicely. And cooperation may be harder than ever to come by, But going to through the process can bring to light any ways in which we are disguising our ego needs behind a mask of concern for others.

On Wednesday, the fragile Cancer Moon highlights the power struggle between love goddess Venus and power-player Pluto that perfect the next day. Setting healthy boundaries without becoming overly defensive will be the big challenge. Because the aspect is a conjunction, greater awareness may be hard to come by. Mercury slowing down before its impending retrograde suggests a pause to reflect before any dramatic ending would be wise.

Speaking of drama….. On Thursday, January 28, at 2:16 pm ET the first Full Moon of 2021 shines in the sign of the diva/divo, Leo. As a counterpoint, the Sun conjoins Jupiter, meaning you can now gain a large and enthusiastic audience. But with so many planets ganging up on it, it won’t be as easy as we would like. Overconfidence and sense of our own importance can be a trap; learning to thrive amid chaos the boon.

This is a good time to hold your own personal awards show. Tune out any external drama. Look back to the Leo New Moon last August 18: since then, what achievements can you spotlight? It could be something tangible like a raise or more ephemeral like inner growth. Give yourself a round of applause!

Friday is an active day, with the Leo Moon aspecting first Mercury and later Uranus. It may be hard to embrace new ideas wholeheartedly.

The final weekend is relatively peaceful. On Saturday, Mercury stalls before starting a 3-week retrograde motion. Flag this time as a good time to reflect. What have you learned since January 1? As always, Mercury retrograde periods are not good for starting anything new. Instead, focus on “re” activities: review, revise, refine, etc.

Since it is in techy Aquarius, clean up your social media or filter your newsfeed. Reach out to the far regions of your network and bring people back to the fold. Make sure all your computer files are backed up, as any technical glitches that occur can be more problematic to fix.

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