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Weekly Horoscope: February 5-11, 2024

Love is in the air and optimism builds in the leadup to the New Moon and the Year of the Dragon begins.


Messenger Mercury moves into Aquarius for a three-week stay on this Monday. High on the sign’s agenda: innovating and collaborating. Time to look for new networking opportunities. And because the Water Bearer is also big on technology, get your communication skills on your socials a big refresh, perhaps using AI. And it’s not all about work, as the friends circle can widen through clear communication.


Trouble is, on Day One of the winged planet’s stay in Aquarius he collides with implacable Pluto. This calls for doing a deep dive into innovative thinking. How might thinking outside the box transform your life? Do you truly have the courage to hold your out-there ideas? And how are your words contributing to the greater good?


The Moon moves into business-like Capricorn on Tuesday, Which helps us to be diligent and strategic. But with both Venus and the Sun aspecting the lunar nodes, we might want to set some time aside to consider what calls to our heart.


Wednesday, February 7, sees love goddess Venus making a flowing trine aspect to radical Uranus. The air is charged with excitement, as this combo favours anything undertaken because you love it. It will inject a spirit of experimentation and what if? into all relationships, especially romantic ones. Creative vibrancy abounds and is not reserved for art projects; a new approach can benefit almost any undertaking. And because both are in practical Earth signs, some effort is required to find true love or create a masterpiece.


Sleep may be disturbed early on Thursday, as the Sun squares off with electric Uranus, followed by the Moon moving into Aquarius, which ramps up the voltage. It doesn’t help that Luna encounters Pluto as the workday begins. Watch for erratic road rage during the morning commute or later workplace dispute, as people are quick to react and slow to back down. By afternoon, though a more harmonious and gregarious cycle kicks in.


Friday evening marks the New Moon in Aquarius at 5:59 pm ET. It is also Lunar New Year’s eve, as the Year of the Dragon gets underway the next day.  In the east, such years are believed to bring new strength and be fortunate for growth and progress.


The New Moon in a sign means it kicks off a new 28-day cycle, and this time around electrifying Aquarius sets the pace. It is the zodiac sign that rules high ideals, wider friendships and communities and group activities. It’s a sign that believes in a better, brighter future for all humanity. And paradoxically, is also fiercely independent and not afraid to stand alone, away from the pack when necessary.


This one is a Supermoon, meaning it amplifies and adds emotional energy to all of the above. And Uranus is involved this time around, which could harsh our buzz. Clashes over stubbornly held beliefs could occur, on the world stage and in our personal lives. We may feel the need for change intensely, yet not see a clear way to achieve it. We’ll have to make an extra effort to resist the pressure to go too far too fast, lest we make overly radical changes that can undermine our long-term security.  


But our thinking is clear, enthusiastic and optimistic as Mercury in Aquarius squares off with Jupiter in Taurus. Exact on February 10, its influence is felt strongly in the New Moon and so will carry us forward over the next weeks.  Big ideas and idealistic thinking need to be tempered with respect for practical conditions. Avoid making big promises or commitments that you might not be able to keep.


The weekend brings a mixed bag.  New Moon excitement infuses Saturday’s scenario. And with Luna now in Pisces’ waters, we may want to go with the flow. A party-pooper Venus-Saturn aspect might make us feel less than festive. The true cost of a relationship of investment may come under scrutiny. Sunday is an excellent day to stay in the pyjamas and binge-watch, read a good book or otherwise just take it easy. Lunar aspects also favour using the non-linear side of our brains, immersing ourselves in a creative project or mindful pursuit.


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