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Weekly Horospe: January 23-29, 2023

New Moon, new vibe! Last weekend’s lunation gave a cosmic reset and provides a hint of some of the Year of the Rabbit’s gentle and gracious ways as we forge new relationships and launch new projects.

It can feel like a Blue Monday as the week dawns with the Moon aspecting dour, judgmental Saturn. By lunchtime, it shifts to Pisces, which makes it easier to go with the flow. Expressing ourselves may be frustrating, though, as mental Mercury is also hampered by Saturn.

All is forgiven and forgotten on Tuesday, and any pessimism is a thing of the past. An ebullient Sun-Jupiter sextile expands our vision and faith in the future, an impulse that will linger for the coming days. Feelings of joy and optimism are easier to access.

And we’ll be inclined to share the feels with more people in this sociable period, which in turn leads to chances to improve relations with those near and dear (or not so). A lucky break could also come our way when it comes to asking for a raise or starting a side hustle. Philosophical or spiritual studies are also favoured.

We’ll want to be where the action is on Wednesday, January 25, as Luna enters dynamic Aries. This just might be the energy drink we need to set some of our new plans in motion. Our pursuit could spin out of control due to over-confidence in the late evening when the Moon conjuncts Jupiter, though. And don’t overdo the self-interest thing, either.

Love-goddess Venus enter Pisces on Thursday evening, remaining there until February 20. This is an ideal place for the planet of love, money and values; its beneficent beams are extra potent in this sign. Rose-coloured glasses become the accessory du jour during these periods. Which is good for taking the edge off harsh reality but also make us gloss over the faults we see in people or situations.

This can be an enchanted time for romance and bringing artistic flair to any project. Also for self-care and a little rejuvenating daydreaming. And if you’ve been stuck in your meditation or other spiritual practice, Venus can help you get in a more harmonious flow.

The trend continues on Friday, but only until the afternoon. An intense Moon-Pluto square at 4 pm ET could force your hand when it comes to a an issue you’ve been avoiding. Or you’ll need to stand up to someone abusing their authority. But peace and stability return roughly 3 hours later as Luna enters Taurus.

The weekend gets underway with the first quarter Moon on Saturday morning. This is a good time to take stock and work on balancing vision and ambition (Sun in Aquarius) with reality and emotional balance (Moon in Taurus). With Neptune putting hold on the Sun’s beams, feelings of fatigue or overwhelm can creep in. Nothing a little extra downtime won’t help. Also, sensual Taurus enjoys the finer things in life—but is thrifty and a do-it-yourselfer. This might be a good time to search “homemade self-care” and see what turns up.

Sunday definitely will not be a stay in and veg kind of day. The Sun in gregarious, community-minded Aquarius will trine energizing and initiating Mars in communicative Gemini. This could lead to a full social calendar and lots of stimulating conversations. And it’s optimal for launching a new project.

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