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Weekly Horoscope: September 21-2, 2020

The week kicks off with the Moon in intense and emotional Scorpio. And a Venus-Jupiter quincunx makes it difficult either get what we want or want what we get in relationships.

Which move to the fore on Tuesday, September 22, as the Sun moves into Libra, the sign whose raison d’être is relationships. It is also the sign of balance, falling on the equinox, the day of equal light and day. This would be an excellent day to do a personal check-in, to catch some equilibrium. And to weigh your success versus your losses and plan for the next quarter. Or to simply bask in some beauty via nature or art, as this sign is also Venus ruled.

Speaking of which, on Wednesday the love goddess forms an uncomfortable aspect to Neptune. We may feel called to give far too much to others with very little in return. And boundaries are difficult to set. With Mercury applying to a feisty opposition with Mars, we may be tempted to express ourselves too strongly and issue ultimatums.

There’s still some fallout to deal with the next day. But the Moon has shifted into sensible Capricorn. It forms an alliance with Uranus, helping us to have inspired inspirations. It’s a very different scenario on Friday, though. Luna tangles with Pluto, which can bring up old issues. It next engages Saturn, adding to a sense of being burdened. At the same time, Venus is gearing up for a quincunx to Pluto, happening early Saturday. Jealousy and control issues can spiral out of control. It’s best to make an extra effort to keep calm and carry on.

On Sunday, September 27, Mercury leaves level-headed and sociable Libra for depth-minded Scorpio. Communications for the next few weeks pack an emotional punch. It’s also the sign about deepening relationships, as in forming intimacy. Many relationships may enter a prolonged communication phase with that aim. And given this sign’s racy reputation, get quite steamy. It’s an excellent time for research and talk or journal therapies, however. And whereas before we may have compromised too much, Scorpio likes to issue “take it or leave it” ultimatums. Which can mean you win the argument, but find it a hollow victory.

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