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Weekly Horoscope: September 11-17, 2023

Love and career top the agenda as we turn a leaf and welcome exciting new developments into our lives.

Monday dawns with the Moon in dramatic, romantic Leo, making nice with Venus in that sign and Mars in relationship-minded Libra. It also foreshadows the love goddess planet’s rendezvous with ebullient Jupiter that culminates on Saturday.

Which means that as the week progresses, we’ll feel more called to expand our romantic and creative horizons. The past Venus retrograde period, which called for a great deal of soul searching as to what truly calls to our hearts and value systems, is in the rearview mirror. With Venus in square aspect to Jupiter, we may feel frustrated that we can’t have it all….and right now! Our challenge is to choose growth, but in a sustainable manner. Which might call for a slower pace than wanted.

Aspects on Tuesday put both our patience and ability to compromise to the test. Count to ten before making any sudden breaks. Luna shifts into practical Virgo on Wednesday. First up, it opposes dour Saturn dampening our mood and amplifying any feelings of isolation. But by dinner time, it conjoins Mercury, helping us to find a rational solution to any problems.

Thursday, September 14, brings a major reset with the New Moon in Virgo at 9:40 pm ET. It is one of the best aspected of the year, bringing opportunities to make the most of it. Most of us have found the usual back to school-work-routine impulse stalled this year. This lunation will help kickstart it and propel us forward with ingenuity and optimism.

Virgo areas to focus on: cleaning up and getting organized, both physically and metaphorically. Look for ways to work smarter, not harder, and incorporate a greener lifestyle in the everyday routine. It’s also a great time to tend to our health and self-care. And to let go of any feelings that we must earn the love and happiness we deserve, and rather embrace self-acceptance and self-love.

With innovators Jupiter and Uranus onboard, creative solutions abound! Quantum leaps are possible, but we would be wise to wait a week or so before launch. Because the planet Mercury is still retrograde, only going forward slowly on Friday.

The weekend’s theme is, as Oscar Wilde would have it, “nothing succeeds like excess.” The Moon shifts to Libra and relationships, mostly close ones. How much we’re prepared to give (and take) can be an issues.

She triggers the Venus-Jupiter square that perfects in the evening and goaded into excess. All to say that in affairs of the heart we may tempted to throw ourselves into the deep end—only to later flounder. Excess spending is also a strong temptation now. The hangover arrives as soon as Sunday, when we may question our choices and the wisdom of same.

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