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Weekly Horoscope: October 2-8, 2023

The astro outlook is mainly sunny, as Libra season lives up to its rep for harmony most of the week. But on the weekend, we may need to shelter from power struggles that could emerge.

Monday begins on a positive note with the Moon in peace-loving Taurus. Both the logical and creative sides of our brains are firing quietly. If we can balance them, we can make innovative, even visionary, inroads. Our thinking may not be practical, though, with mental Mercury opposing nebulous, spiritual Neptune.

But the next day, it moves on to trine incisive Pluto, just as Luna moves into expressive Gemini. This helps us to bring the power of insight, and in a graceful way, to our words and writing. Except that with romantic Venus quincunx impractical Neptune on Tuesday, too, it’s best to not make any relationship promises we may not be able to keep.

Wednesday and Thursday are active and productive, but not without some pitfalls. Mercury has its last hurrah in Virgo, forming an awkward aspect to Jupiter before it goes. We may have an obsessive need to organize or get clear that may only lead to frustration. At 8:08 pm ET, though, it moves into Libra, where it will help bring a balanced perspective until October 22. This can bring more grace to communications. And greater diplomacy and a willingness to hear other people out before you judge them. And this transit gives a big assist to any negotiations, too.

The Moon enters Cancer on Thursday, marking the quarter of the lunar cycle. Security may be top of mind as the day progresses, with the morning looking best for any moves towards shoring up defences, real or metaphorical. But contentious aspects between major planets and both Mercury and Mars can mean that we feel off-kilter and unsure afterwards.

Any simmering relationship issues may boil over on Friday. Venus in demonstrative and enthusiastic Leo makes a quincunx with powermonger Pluto in party-pooper Capricorn. With both planets in the vinal degrees of their signs, we may feel an overwhelming compunction to make a major move. Yet no clear path appears.

It's best not to force any issues now or at any time over the weekend. After a long stream of positive aspects over the weekend, this one is the exception. There is an atmosphere of both drama and confrontation; best back away at the first sign of toxicity. Especially on Saturday, with the Moon in tender Cancer. Our feelings are more easily bruised, and we may exaggerate slights.

By Sunday, Luna will have moved into fiery Leo. And on the same day, warrior Mars squares off with Pluto. Cue the Fate theme from the opera Carmen: jealousy and possessiveness can rear their ugly heads in relationships. Or hidden resentment be revealed. This is not a day to schedule important talks about the relationship. Best to find a physical outlet, like exercise.

Also, on Sunday at 9:11 pm Venus bids adieu to Leo, the sign it has spent an extra-long stay in since June. The love planet is all about that, affections for self and others, plus the things we value, like money and possessions. In Virgo, the expression is much quieter and it’s all about taking care. Being selective and of service are big themes, and we may find a new love for an improved health routine.

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