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Weekly Horoscope: November 27-December 3, 2023

The week begins with a hyper Full Moon in Gemini that generates a ball of confusion, sending us spinning everywhere, which way and all at once. Clarity soon returns, and we can also get a lot done and get into the holiday spirit bigtime.

The lunation is exact at 4:16 am on Monday around the time of an obfuscating aspect from Mercury to Neptune. Getting our ducks in a row can feel like herding cats (and lead us to mash metaphors LOL). Every Full Moon is full of feeling, and emotions run high. It shines a strong light that can bring awareness and a heightened quality of energy. Used wisely, we can use it to balance mind-heart, conscious-unconscious.

In Gemini, this Full Moon shines on mental inquiry and interactions with folks around us. Played against this is the Sun in Sagittarius, the go-getter truth seeker. Sag is also a fire sign, impetuous, even reckless, and impatient with restriction.

Stimulating and expressive energy prevails, and we won’t want to stay home under it. Or if we do, it might be the ideal time to get a jump on crafting holiday greetings. Both are mutable signs, which can help us stay flexible and roll with any changes. But we can tend to overextend ourselves now, both financially and physically by taking on too much.

At the time of the Full Moon, Mercury will be especially important as the ruler of Gemini, Luna’s sign. The planet will be in a square to Neptune, adding themes of confusion, vagueness and a general tone of uncertainty. Falling on Cyber Monday, it’s a good idea to doublecheck details, as this combo makes it easy to overlook something important in the fine print. Or to distort our perception of what really is a good deal. It might be best to delay any major purchases!

Our idealism will be heightened. A good outlet: buy smaller gifts for people and make a bigger donation to a food bank or other worthy cause.

We may still have a hangover and be in a bit of a fog on Tuesday, clarity begins to return the next day, though, as the Moon moves into its home sign of Cancer on Wednesday. An upbeat mood will prevail, thanks to a Sun-Jupiter quincunx. But it’s not a good time to take a risk, as our perceptions are off. Drive defensively, too.

On Thursday, November 30, we can clear up any work backlog as we combine drive and quick thinking when taking on any task. Just don’t expect a lot of cooperation, as folks will be touchy. That goes for higher-ups.

The unsettled trend continues into the start of the work day on Friday in the eastern time zone, and may trigger confrontations or suspicion. Shortly after, mental Mercury enters ambitious Capricorn and helps us to take the long view. Which might include working on that goals list for 2024. But do tend to the business at hand, because Mercury is slowing before going retrograde on the 14th.

The weekend starts early when the Moon moves into fun-loving Leo on Friday. Evening hours are especially festive, with Luna colluding with fiery Mars in party-hearty Sagittarius. A great date night, too, but in the wee hours a square to Jupiter could mean excessive behaviour will have negative consequences.

Saturday’s trends also are upbeat, which keeps the party rolling. With Mercury making nice with Saturn, we also can be productive. And keep an eye on the budget and resist impulse-buying or over-feasting.

On Sunday, though, love goddess Venus squares off with implacable Pluto. Passions run high but may be too hot to handle. Attractions and repulsions are extreme; we either love someone (or some covetable thing) or hate them. It’s not a great day for relationship negotiations as both sides may drag up the past and be very reluctant to let bygones be bygones. If you feel like someone is giving you the cold shoulder, it’s best to give them some space and approach later. This too, shall pass and good times lie ahead.

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