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Weekly Horoscope: November 18-24, 2019

Too early for that holiday frenzy? Not so, as planetary shifts take it into hyper-drive. Circle the coming weekend as optimal for entertaining and over-the-top revelry!

Warning: the next 3 weeks could be hazardous to your wallet, waistline or future peace of mind. Jupiter, goaded by pleasure-loving Venus and (coming as soon as Saturday) the Sun, makes its last hurrah in all-out Sagittarius. I’m outta here! Suddenly anything is possible if we just believe! Party time!

It’s a great time to plan any festivities. Just know that unbridled optimism can cause us to over do it now at the expense of future harsh realities. So, take it easy at the Black Friday sales, when booking a budget-busting big trip or deciding on a job offer.

Especially since Mercury is still retrograde, advising caution regarding big decisions, travel and communications of all kinds. The good news: On Wednesday, November 20, Mercury finally decides to move forward in the zodiac. However, it grinds to a halt for a few days before and after—and in a fixed (read unmovable object) sign, Scorpio. All to say it may take time to uncross all the wires and get back to business as usual. And in the sign of backroom politicking, this week things may come to light that were happening in the shadows before.

Adding to the intense, go-getter mood is Mars, which on Monday shifts into Scorpio. It has the home advantage here, and can help us act on our long-held deepest desires. And sweep the field with a fiercely competitive edge and relentless determination. This combo can bring out our inner strategist and help us to act only when all the chess pieces are in place.

The trouble is it can also make us a little obsessive and apt to sacrifice a few pawns to assert our dominance. Things can get ultra-steamy in the boudoir, too. But leave the manipulation and mind games outside the door, please.

On Friday, November 22, the Sun sheds all that Scorpionic intensity to embrace the exuberance of Sagittarius. Flexible and fiery, this sign helps us shake it off and roll with the punches. And to set the viewfinder on wide-scope IMAX, envisaging a brighter future and greater freedom. Energies are waiting next month to help make it all real (more on that later).

The weekend outlook is especially festive, because on Sunday, November 23, love planet Venus shacks up with all-holds-barred Jupiter in Sagittarius! We’re more apt to hit the road to attend the party (any party!) or throw wide our doors to one and all. Multi-cultural mingling is especially favoured as are any efforts to make folks from away feel more welcome and accepted.

And while on the road, we’d be wise to exercise more caution, as hot-headed Mars in Scorpio opposes Uranus. Folks may be acting erratically or without thinking. Or spring some unwelcome surprises on us. but thanks to the Sag influence, we can keep a sense of humour and shake it off.

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