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Weekly Horoscope: November 14-20, 2022

Lighten up! Two planets shift signs this week, helping us to focus on the bright side of things, though with an impending Mars-Neptune square we may ditch the shades for rose-coloured glasses.

On Monday, Luna enters the playful and magnanimous sign of Leo early on. Mercury in industrious Virgo makes a helpful sextile to Pluto, helping to focus our attention on what is essential. Depth thinking and discussion yields promising results. And a trine between the Scorpio Sun and ethereal Neptune hones our intuition and sense of justice.

The mood shifts on Tuesday, as the Sun makes an uncomfortable alliance with Mars. It will be difficult to have any sense of progress. The trick is to know when to improvise and when to stick with the plan—neither of which will feel quite right.

In the wee hours of Wednesday, November 16, love goddess Venus exits Scorpio’s deep waters for freewheeling Sagittarius. Inclusiveness and cross-culture exchanges appeal, gaining a stronghold in our relationships. And we may find we are more outspoken about what we want in that department. We’re also more willing to take a chance on love until December 6, a time when we’re also more inclined to say ‘it’s only money.’

On the same day, a Mercury-Jupiter trine helps us to set our sights on wide-angle. It’s time to dream bigger while keeping one foot solidly on the ground. And on Thursday, the winged messenger shifts to Sagittarius. For the next 19 days, we can let our minds ride the Archer’s arrows towards big picture thinking. Just don’t get too attached to one point of view. A more philosophical approach gets us further, as does keeping a sense of humour.

Forget the chores on Saturday. With retrograde Mars’ square with Neptune culminating, it’s hard to know what is important and what is not. Or to find the energy to deal with the minor frustrations that pile up now. Some time for self care may be just what is needed. Rest and relaxation flow our way easily and naturally on Sunday. A buoyant trine between the Sun and Jupiter helps us reclaim boundless optimism and goodwill to all. Meanwhile, the Moon in Libra helps us prioritize both beauty and socializing. It makes a grand trine with Mars and Saturn, so bonding can have a highly positive effect, both productive and lasting.

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