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Weekly Horoscope: May 27-June2, 2024

We can shoot for the stars during this active and energetic week, best spent widening our circles be they of friends, or networking or volunteerism connections.


Monday brings a social impulse, as the Moon in Aquarius prompts us to reach out to others, especially those who share common ideals. All is well until the evening, when a lunar square can bring a brief but intense power struggle. All day, though, we’re also mentally clear and communicative all day and evening under a stable Mercury in Taurus sextiles structure-seeking Saturn.


Lunar harmony reigns all day Tuesday, as the Moon makes only two positive aspects very early on to the Sun (will, purpose) and Venus (love, art, beauty).  We are able to identify and express our heartfelt desires to those we care about.


More dynamic trends prevail on Wednesday, May 29. Luna makes a harsh square aspect to erratic Uranus mid-morning, generating emotional volatility. At the same time, love goddess Venus makes an uncomfortable aspect to warrior Mars. Making harmony difficult to come by in all relationships, personal and professional. With Chiron also involved, our best course of action might be to channel our energies into self-healing and centering.


By Thursday, the Moon will have drifted into Pisces’ more tranquil waters. But turbulence is generated courtesy of communicator Mercury joining forces with erratic Uranus. It happens in the wee hours of the 31st, meaning it will be active on Thursday and Friday. Our mental synapses will be firing on all cylinders helping us to find the most creative solutions at work and in our personal lives. The key is to think way outside the box, as the most outlandish insight will be the winner. Because it’s happening in the sign of Taurus, our brilliant insights will surround practical matters like finances and resources. But on Friday especially, artistic and aesthetic endeavours also get a boost. Positive lunar aspects make the afternoon and evening hours beautifully auspicious for creative projects or mindful pursuits like meditation or yoga.


A more dynamic trend prevails on the weekend as the Moon moves into active Aries.  Saturday’s trends look positive for just about any pursuit, especially socializing or advancing professionally.


Sunday sees Jupiter and Pluto form a trine aspect, something that only happens every 4-8 years. Both are in air signs, expansive Jupiter in Gemini, sign of communication and thinking, Pluto in Aquarius, the revolutionary and social activist. Now is the time to set your sights on how you can help the world. The drive for social change and hope for a more enlightened world can be expressed positively and lead to far-reaching results. There is no better time to form new networks and connect with like-minded individuals.

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