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Weekly Horoscope: March 8-14, 2021

Let it go, let it go….. The old hit song from Frozen tops the playlist in a week in which the planets provide a March break for the psyche and soul.

On Monday, even the usually sombre and industrious Moon in Capricorn whistles while it works. A sextile with Neptune means we can tap into our intuitions to be in the right place at the right time. A conjunction with Pluto could bring confrontations in the evening, though.

Luna enters airy future-minded Aquarius the next morning. Venus squaring the nodal axis could bring folks into our orbit with old scores to settle. At the same time, people who could be key to our next step could enter.

On Wednesday, March 10, the Sun conjoins nebulous Neptune and Venus will join the party on Saturday. It all takes place in the sensitive and ethereal sign of Pisces. This is no time to use the left and more linear side of the brain. Crack open the journal or hit your asana, whatever engages the other side, as we can now easily tap into the urgings of our souls. Schedule more time for artistic or spiritual pursuits with less lust for result, more seeing where it will take you.

The Moon mostly makes nice with the other planets this week. The only exception is around supper time on Thursday, when the Moon in sensitive Pisces clashes with argumentative Mars in Gemini. The feeling is fleeting, though, and by evening we can find ways to kiss and make up.

We’re blissfully serene on Friday, March 12, and sublimely unproductive. Luna canoodles with Venus and Neptune, creating a highly romantic atmosphere. We can also lose ourselves in a work or art, or really good book or film.

Saturday’s New Moon in Pisces occurs at 5:21 am ET. It is the final one before the astrological new year on March 21. The lunation brings a breath of fresh air to our relationships and soulful or artistic efforts. But it does fall on the midpoint of the Saturn-Uranus square that has created so much chaos and uncertainty in past months. We are now given the opportunity to get into our feeling natures and experience deeper meaning and sense of peace. Another old refrain, this one from myriad feeds last spring, could pop into our minds, this time with new certainty: “Everything will be all right.”

With Venus and Neptune playing a big role in this one, there is a strong emphasis on union. This could lead us to deepen a current rapport or reach out to people with whom we feel a soul connection. Or, to spend more time reaching out for a higher union with our souls. It is also applying to a productive aspect to depth-minded Pluto. Now in the earth sign of Capricorn, that planet can help us stay grounded. And to dig deep to create the circumstances that can help realize our dreams.

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