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Weekly Horoscope: March 18-24, 2024

Spring into spring as the Sun enters Aries and marks the equinox and astrological new year!


Monday brings the last day of Pisces season, with the Moon in Cancer making mostly favourable aspects all day. It’s a good day to bring any projects of issues, especially emotional ones, to a harmonious conclusion. Late afternoon, however, we may be reminded of a wounding that is hard to heal.


Luna continues to glad-hand with other planets on Tuesday until midafternoon. A short void of course period could kick up some confusion before her ingress into confident Leo at 3:33 pm ET. It’s grand progress is hindered when it opposes Pluto in the early evening, triggering some exaggerated responses if our need for attention doesn’t get enough strokes from others.


The Sun shifts into Aries at 11:06 pm ET on Tuesday, March 19. This annual phenomenon is part of the cycle of seasons. And as with every year, this energetic fire sign helps us get lively and shake off the cobwebs and winter blahs. And lean into a fresh burst of can-do energy. It also helps ignite any latent initiative and entrepreneurial endeavours and just “get ‘er done!” Passions run high, for good and bad. We can pursue life and love with gusto. But we also can prioritize self interest and competitiveness can be overdone. This will even more of a problem when Mercury in the same sign retrogrades on April 1.


This year, as Sol ushers in spring in the Northern Hemisphere, autumn in the Southern, the Sun will make harmonious aspects to the Leo Moon, and the first major planet alliance it makes is with Pluto in Aquarius. This indicates that the next three months will be optimal to balance our own need to shine (Leo) with the new and revolutionary pace of collective evolution (Aquarius). Neptune is also close to the Sun, intimating that we would be wise to let spiritual truths guide us as we set off in new directions.


On Thursday, love goddess Venus has a date with killjoy Saturn, both in the empathic and compassionate sign of Pisces. Alliances of all kinds, especially romantic ones get a serious reality check whenever these two meet up.  Which may come as a shock at first, but in with time prove a good thing. This sign can see the highest potential in everything and everyone. And can prove the adage that “love is blind” to any faults. This aspect can help both parties in a relationship get clear about important issues, and also goals and boundaries. Caution should be exercised if making a commitment under this aspect, lest we sacrifice too much.


The following day, Friday, marks a Mars shift, this time into dreamy Pisces. For the next 5.5 weeks, productivity is less about putting the hammer down and more about going with the flow. Intuition can prove a sure guide during this cycle. And we can find ourselves putting in less effort but somehow achieving better efforts. But distraction abound and we can sometimes find ourselves drifting when we should be tending to daily tasks. Scheduling more time for self care, mindfulness and creativity could prove an enlightening outlet.


Thanks to the shift, the weekend is best devoted to the latter pursuits, plus socializing or just hanging out. Still, there are chores to be done and Saturday looks best for clearing them, as the Moon is in the only sign that actually enjoys them, Virgo. Along the way, Luna forges favourable alliances with first optimistic Jupiter, then inventive Uranus. we could find ingenious solutions that help us get a lot done.


On Sunday, on the other hand, we enter a rosy fog and are content to drift. Romance and creativity, along with the pursuit of pleasure, get the greenlight. Venus, who loves all those things, now finds a helpful ally in Jupiter in Taurus. Sybaritic delights await, and when the Moon enters Libra late afternoon we will want to enjoy life’s joys a deux.


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