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Weekly Horoscope: June 27-July 3, 2022

The world is our oyster, as this optimistic New Moon propels us out of our shells in a quest for greater stability and freedom while finding time to strengthen ties that bind.

Monday drifts in the lull before the New Moon. Yet is quite productive thanks to a sextile between dynamic action star Mars and stabilizing and focusing Saturn. We can be spontaneous and achieve lasting results.

The Cancer New Moon occurs at 10:52 pm ET on Tuesday, June 28. This lunation is a fresh start under a sign that is all about the internal realm of emotion. And about what makes us feel safe, protected, and nurtured, like family and those who are much like.

But exceptionally, this year we won’t retreat to our metaphorical crab shell to experience it. Expansive Jupiter in gung-ho Aries squares this New Moon, so rather than hunker in the bunker it’s time to carve a bigger comfort zone.

A new optimism and drive propel us towards our dreams. Which will have a lot to do with security, especially financial. Start a new business, get a better job or side hustle….innovative ideas abound. It might take 6 months, but a plan set in motion now could bear big dividends down the road.

On the same day, Neptune in Pisces begins its annual retrograde until December 3. We may feel a temporary intensification of its mystical effects. Which gives us cosmic permission to devote more time to meditation, healing or creative projects. Or, since we may need more rest now, just hitting the hammock and drifting.

Power issues top the agenda on Thursday. The Moon collides with Mars and Pluto, in advance of the exact square of those two planets the next day. Mars in Aries wants to impose its individual will or prove it’s right; Pluto in Capricorn wants to exert authority and maintain control. Hair-trigger tempers abound. Keep a cool head and carry on.

By the weekend, things have cooled off. And we’re thinking clearly early Saturday am, thanks to logical Mercury trining disciplined and structured Saturn. However, by afternoon the winged planet will have squared off with nebulous Neptune, causing us to doubt ourselves and everyone around us. Sunday is best devoted to some me-time and self-care. The Moon will be in the sign of the Hermit, Virgo, also concerned with health. With Mercury now in a tense aspect to Pluto, old power issues could mar friendly conversations. A vow of silence might be the best policy.

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