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Weekly Horoscope: June 26-July 2, 2023

Can't get it together? The planets all seem to be running different agendas this week. Notable exception: Wednesday when they all collab beautifully.

The Moon is in harmony-seeking Libra as the week begins. Yet volatility reigns on Monday, as assertive Mars squares off with impulsive Uranus. Rash actions and words abound, which can result in accidents or tiffs that blow of proportion. Slow down, roll with it and enact a “whatever” policy and keep rolling.

It’s also the last day for Mercury in chatty, quick-thinking Gemini. Come evening, the planet moves into Cancer’s more emotional waters. We’ll begin to be more mindful of feelings in our communications, which we might want to limit to our journals or innermost circle. Until July 11, heart-to-heart connections are what matter most and how we say something matters more than what we say. We also may find ourselves thinking more about security. And socially we’ll want to surround ourselves with family or those who feel like it.

We’re able to give peace a chance on Tuesday. Luna in Libra faces fewer challenges from other planets that day. And Mercury sextile the Taurus North Node could bring some soul-soothing insights. Discussions can lead to gratifying resolution.

Circle Wednesday, June 28, as the most productive day of the week. The Sun in Cancer makes a harmonious trine to Saturn in Pisces, helping us to rekindle our resolve and move forward towards a cherished goal. Mercury in Cancer and the Moon in Scorpio play backup, forming what is known as a Grand Trine in the sky. This creates an atmosphere of cooperation, great for teamwork and solving problems as a group. Our cups runneth over with goodwill.

Thursday gets off to a slow start, but by late afternoon the Moon triggers the week’s most active and unstable players. Read the cautions for Monday, and then extend them to relationships as well. And with all of the planets involved in fixed signs, stubbornness can lead to standoffs. Uranus in the mix can goad us to call it quits, but we might want to take a cooling down period.

Tip: Because Canada Day falls on Saturday, take your extra day off on Friday if you can. With the Moon entering party-hearty, travel-minded Sagittarius around noon, work will be the last thing on our minds. Especially since nebulous Neptune begins its long retrograde cycle that day as well. It can make us feel more in a fog and like retreating from reality.

Until December 6, the retrograde can help us go more deeply within. It’s excellent for tapping into unused creativity or healing past wounds. We can find ourselves more easily embracing mindful activities, but also more psychically sensitive. Shields up!

On Saturday, July 1, both Mercury and the Sun form a glad-to-meet-you sextile with jovial Jupiter. This fills the atmosphere with happy vibes and good times should be had by all. Come evening, the Moon trines Venus, focusing positive beams on socializing and romance.

But on Sunday, the love goddess planet squares off with Uranus. This can be hard on relationships, with disagreements seeming to come out of the blue. The big issue: freedom. But it can also add more spice to the rapport if both parties are willing to be spontaneous and accommodating. We may chafe if we have family obligations or receive Cancerian “smother love,” as we’re socially rebellious. Rebel or conform, most likely we won’t feel at ease whatever we do, so we might as well—as the old song has it—love the one we’re with.

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