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Weekly Horoscope: June 19-25, 2023

The summer solstice shines on an exuberant week, an optimal time in which to claim and celebrate freedom.

Monday marks Juneteenth, a day set aside to commemorate emancipation from tyranny and bigotry. And on cue, a harmonizing sextile between reality-minded Saturn and freedom-loving Jupiter helps us to take practical steps towards realizing a high ideal or lofty goal. With the Moon in Cancer, we will make it a personal mission and feelings will run deep.

Jupiter is now in Taurus, which gives our aspirations a practical bent. It is, after all, easier to be idealistic with a full stomach. But sometimes being in this sign hobbles the planet’s ability to expand our horizons in a big way. An alliance with structuring Saturn, now in very unstructured Pisces, a sign that is all about fantasy, can be both expansive and highly productive.

This is the time to bring pluck the dreams dancing in the ether and begin to make them a reality. The trick is to go with the flow and trust the process while remaining flexible and keeping an eye on the ultimate prize. But do have a plan!

The positive momentum carries into Tuesday—at least until late afternoon. Luna’s last aspect is with confrontational Pluto then, which could make for some very uncomfortable dinner conversations. It moves into more positive Leo minutes later, helping to break any stalemates.

The week’s big event falls on Wednesday, June 21, with the Sun’s ingress into Cancer. For the next month, our focus is on feeling, especially when it some to that which anchors us. We may want to stay home more and spend quality time with those nearest and dearest. Tender emotions emerge and a desire to nurture them and the people and things around us.

It also marks the summer solstice, the day with the most hours of sunlight. With the Moon, Venus and Mars in Leo now, we may be more sociable than usual. And with mental Mercury also there and forming positive aspects, creative thinking will be off the charts. This could manifest in works of art or simply adding exceptional flair to anything we express.

The creative and inspired trend continues on Thursday. The next day, though, the Moon shifts into conscientious and hard-working Virgo. But rather than harshing the previous positive buzz, it can help us take positive steps towards our new goals.

The weekend outlook is mixed. On Saturday, Luna remains in Virgo carrying over the productive energy. With the only aspect a harmonious one to ingenious and inventive Uranus, the day augers well for achieving success with whatever project we set our minds to.

By Sunday, though, we may find the high-energy week has taken a toll. With Mercury squaring off with confusing Neptune, we may feel as if we are in a fog. Mental exhaustion is the likely culprit’ after such a supercharged week, we simply need some downtime. This is a good day to lose yourself in a mindfulness practice, creative project or just vegging on the couch. Relax and recharge for another high-energy week ahead.

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