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Weekly Horoscope: June 17-23, 2024

In advance of the Full Strawberry Supermoon on Friday, we get out of our heads and into our hearts, letting ourselves entertain visions of an ideal future.


Expect a noticeable mood shift starting Monday, when both Venus and Mercury move into the sign of the Crab. Before June 17, under Venus in Gemini an extroverted, social, lively quality prevailed, ideal for connection, interaction and making exciting new plans. From now on, it’s all about the feels under this tender, emotional and protective sign. You might find yourself being sentimental in your relationships and more apt to reminisce.


Mercury’s shift to the same sign until July 2 brings more intuitive thinking. Today, though, and again on Thursday, the winged planet’s thinking is clouded by Neptune, bringing unease and uncertainty about our choices. It is fleeting, however, and soon we’ll be better able to listen and empathize, and communicate sensitively. Cancer is the homebody sign, and with Venus (aesthetics) and Mercury (cognition) there, we might find ourselves wanting to refresh our décor with an eye to inviting lively conversations as we host friends and family.


Our attempts to achieve closer bonds are checked on Tuesday. Venus makes an uncomfortable aspect to suspicious Pluto. Our attempts to get at the root of relationship problems may lead to frustration and appear unresolvable. Fortunately, the Moon is in analytical and intuitive Scorpio, helping us to productively plumb the depths.


The Moon is still in Scorpio early on Wednesday, June 19, and trines Neptune. Our vision widens and we intuitively know the wisest and most compassionate path to take. Luna then shifts to bold and active Sagittarius, first making a helpful alliance with empowering Pluto. Come evening, it opposes Jupiter (expansion) firing ambition and enterprise.


On Thursday, our exuberance is smothered by a wet blanket Sun-Neptune square. It may be a case of our logical reasoning not taking into account emotional realities. And the resulting dissonance can throw us off course. But let there be light! The Sun shines in Cancer as of Thursday at 4:51 pm ET, marking the longest day of the year. It also marks the start of Cancer season, during which emotions will be more tangible and urgent than usual. Prepare to have big feelings illuminated, both good and bad, as the Moon nears fullness.


Friday dawns with optimism restored. It’s a great day for brainstorming, thanks to a helpful Mercury-Mars sextile and an electrifying aspect to inventive Uranus. Is it real or all a pipe dream? The answer may be illuminated under the Capricorn Full Moon at 9:08 pm ET.  Called the Strawberry Moon, it is also a Supermoon, meaning closer to Earth and more intense. This would be an excellent time to revisit plans and resolutions made when the Sun was in that sign back in January. The lunation could bring to light any way in which you were being unrealistic. Same goes for ways in which you might be putting yourself in a powerless or victim position. This sign likes to strategize, and knows the value of a good plan and a mentor. With the aspect to Neptune, make sure to leave room for intuition to add the dimension of creative thinking.


The Moon remains in hardworking, family-oriented Capricorn on the weekend. We may find it satisfying to get chores done around the house or entertain the relatives. With the Sun in touchy Cancer quincunx powermonger Pluto, a boss’ request that we put in extra hours might spoil things. Or someone around us will throw their weight around in a way that’s hard to deal with.


Lunar harmony reigns on Sunday, with the Moon making mostly easy aspects. Inspiration and invention are fired as it trines progressive Uranus. We’re able to find creative solutions and embrace options outside our usual sphere. Later, Luna sextiles Neptune, helping us access our intuitive side to further a creative project or spiritual quest.

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