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Weekly Horoscope: June 12-18, 2023

Should I follow my head or my heart? The dilemma could trigger some erratic behaviour this week, with a chance for a breakthrough by the New Moon.

The week gets off to an energetic start with Luna in action-star Aries. We’re able to swiftly tackle any tricky situations lingering from last week with aplomb. And set an effective agenda.

The trend continues the next day, but could it a major snag around midday. Misunderstandings can lead to overreaction and confrontation. It’s best to cultivate some detachment and stall until the Moon enters Taurus later in the afternoon. Peace can be easily restored then, and we feel more grounded and productive.

On Wednesday, June 14, Luna’s peace is disturbed as she encounters two planets in Leo, love goddess Venus and warrior Mars. Relationships can hit a rough patch now, mainly due to a need for attention and to feel special (Leo) versus stubbornly needing things to stay the same (Taurus). It’s best to agree to disagree, at least for the next 24 hours or so.

We may awake on Thursday feeling less than enthusiastic about the day ahead. Mental Mercury in nimble Gemini is hobbled by a square aspect to Saturn in Pisces. We may strive for clear thinking only to find our efforts make things more muddled. Anxiety or a sense of unease can result, but is fleeting if we’re willing to let go of needing immediate answers.

As soon as Saturday, the winged planet makes a nice alliance with Venus, focusing our thoughts on more pleasant things like romance, socializing and enjoying the arts.

The day also marks the start of Saturn’s annual 4-month retrograde. In the intuitive sign of Pisces, it can help take us more deeply into a meditative state. Or if you’ve been neglecting yourself, now is the time for soothing self care. And for healing, especially the emotional or soulful side, perhaps through a retreat. Or to take yourself to summer camp, like an art, dance or theatre course, and explore some latent creative skills.

All of which will be further supported by Sunday’s New Moon in the sign of Gemini (12:37 am ET). Usually, this lunation helps us reset our need to socialize, converse, and connect with friends, new and old alike. And because the Twins like to do things in twos, we can multitask while we’re at it. But this time around, a square to nebulous Neptune clouds the issue.

We may feel a clash between our logic and intuition, making us second-guess our actions and instincts. Doubt and a sense of unease can result, and we have difficulty finding a clear path forward. But it is this very uncertainty that can lead to new and creative ideas. And fresh probabilities. Then use the New Moon energy to plant new seeds.

But this is not a good time to launch projects or set off on a new path. For we can go off on a wrong tangent now, as there is so much fogginess to get lost in. The trick is to not fall into negative thinking or escapism, but rather use the Neptunian impulse to go deeper in our spiritual practice and base decisions and actions only on higher wisdom.

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