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Weekly Horoscope: June 10-16, 2024

Mars charges into the Bull’s pen, i.e. the sign of Taurus, and kicks up a ruckus before things settle down to a productive and enjoyable week.


The Moon is in showy Leo on Monday, and has the stage to itself pretty much all day. Consider it a blank slate upon which to write your wishes for romance, creativity and the good life, all things that the Lion loves. By late in the day, though, tension mounts as we catch rumblings of what’s happening the next day.


Mars, the planet of energy and passion, is already in Taurus’ pasture, where it will stay from June 9 to July 20. Best strategy: focus on how you can patiently, methodically and practically build your personal and professional goals for the long term.  Slow and steady wins the race now, even if we occasionally face some frustrations, we will eventually build on solid foundations.


But on Tuesday, the first relationship determined Mars in Taurus forms is an implacable square with powermonger Pluto in Aquarius, dialing up faceoffs and domineering behavior. Anger can be extreme and not always predictable, and folks prone to digging in their heels and not budging from an opinion. Road rage can erupt, and it’s best to drive defensively, literally and metaphorically. On the positive side, If you’ve felt stuck lately, this aspect can provide the nudge towards taking much-needed action.


Speaking of frustration, communications and thinking can be mired on Wednesday, June 11, as mental athlete Mercury in Gemini tangles with obfuscating Saturn in Pisces. We may find ourselves having to repeat ourselves or revisit and old argument or issue. another consequence can be a deluge of busywork that strains our ability to cope or think clearly. With the Moon in perfectionist Virgo, we may worry way too much about way too many petty things. If we can manage to focus our efforts, though, we can get a lot done.


Thursday can be highly productive, though not everyone will be in a good mood. It’s one of those days that it’s best to hoe one’s own row and keep going.  The mood shifts dramatically on Friday morning, when surprise social invitations can arrive or be issued, your call.  Communications are again brought to the fore as the mentally nimble Gemini Sun and Mercury have a tete-a-tete.  Our thoughts and words are energized, and we’re inspired to express ourselves, perhaps through public speaking, teaching or writing.


Saturday provides a completely blank slate, as far as the planets are concerned. None of the celestial bodes commonly used in astrology form any aspects, giving us the chance to write upon it as we wish. We might take a hint from the Moon, which is now in Libra, a sign that is all about close relationships, socializing and mutual give and take.


Rose-coloured glasses are the accessory of choice on Sunday. An intoxicating Venus-Neptune square has our head in the clouds. Have you been seeing only the good in everything and everyone? This could be the day that the blinders come off—and we don’t like what we see. Both of the planet’s signs, Gemini and Pisces respectively, are signs that can see two sides of every issue. So if you’re on the fence, making up your mind about a relationship can be hard. So can resolving any situation that arises, as a clear path eludes. Since emotions can be confusing and overwhelming now, it might be best to lie low and lose yourself in a good film, book or art gallery.


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