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Weekly Horoscope: July 27 - August 2, 2020

Everybody in the pool! Visionary aspects urge us to take a look at the Big Picture with an eye to our connections and building trust and a sense of oneness.

On Monday, July 27, a First Quarter Moon in Scorpio kicks things off on an intense note. It may be hard to recapture the lighthearted aspects of the Sun in Leo. But this placement of luna likes to dig deep. And with a divinely inspired Jupiter-Neptune sextile, this is an ideal time for searching the soul and reconnecting with higher purpose.

Pleasure-seeking Venus tangles with Neptune on the same day. The urge to escape reality can be overwhelming. And our sense of danger diminished. Venus is also the planet of relationships, and so our closest ones could veer into murky waters. If so, it’s a hint we have to take the blinders off. And rather than taking off on flights of fancy, keep at least one foot in reality, or major disillusionment could lie ahead.

A calming influence enters on Tuesday, and we find it easier to focus on what is important. The Moon enters lively Sagittarius the next day. We can take the first step on any projects or goals set earlier in the week, this time with more optimism and can-do spirit.

That urge ramps up on Thursday, July 30. Mental Mercury, still in emotional Cancer, triggers the Jupiter-Neptune sextile. Our intuition is especially keen if we have the courage to follow it. We could tap into insights that help us create greater security in the current larger and often overwhelming context.

The Moon enters practical and goal-oriented Capricorn on Friday, setting the tone for the weekend. Work might be the best refuge during what is usually the period of rest. On Saturday, August 1, Mercury moves on to oppose implacable and obsessive Pluto. It is far too easy to overreact to others’ words. If we can resist digging into a defensive posture and listen, though, we can learn a lot about true motives.

The urge to get away from it all may be overwhelming on Sunday. As the Sun clashes with Uranus, we want to kick free of any restraints and the herk with consequences. Releasing some of the restless tension is advised. Otherwise, unpredictable behaviour—our own and others—can lead to unpleasant surprises, even accidents. Instead, indulge in small acts of spontaneity, the best pressure valve now. Everyone in the pool (at a distance)!

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