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Weekly Horoscope: July 25-31, 2022

Get ready to shine! A New Moon in Leo this week generates a mega power surge that lifts our hearts, motivating and radiating fresh energy.

Monday, though, kicks off with a hangover. It was hard not to overdo it the previous day, what with go-big-or-go-home Jupiter goading pleasure-loving Venus. The good side: With the love planet in the family-loving sign of Cancer still, the waning influence can help us mend a few fences with loved ones and let bygones be just that. It can also up our need for closeness, but also our gullibility. Careful who you let in the inner circle this day.

A Mercury square Mars transit on Tuesday can make us all charged up with no particular place to go. And bring a headache and fray tempers if we’re not careful. We may speak without thinking, only to be surprised by how strongly others resist. It’s not a good day for snap decisions and to remember that conclusions need not be jumped at. Both are in fixed signs, so we’ll have to work harder to stay flexible.

Get ready for a really big cosmic show on Thursday, July 28. At 1:54 pm ET, the New Moon in Leo brings the solar fire to our lives. And, being in the sign of the Lion, more than a little drama, too! This lunation is trine Jupiter, creating a free flow of boisterous high spirits. It can help fire enthusiasm and self-confidence, which helps generate opportunities for personal, spiritual, and material growth in the weeks ahead.

Sometimes a trine aspect makes us want to loll in the hammock and just enjoy the good vibes. Because Leo and Aries are fire signs, enthusiasm and high energy overrides this default.

Plus, there is a lingering tension from Tuesday’s Mercury-Mars dustup and a building firestorm as Mars approaches erratic Uranus. Both planets are in stubborn fixed signs—Mars in Leo, Uranus in Taurus. This can bring impulsive and erratic energy, the kind that makes us want to toss be baby with the bathwater just to be pigheaded. Relax, let it flow and let it go!

Also on Thursday, jovial Jupiter begins its annual four-month retrograde. This can help cool down the frantic pace, the drive to dive into new adventures. During this backspin phase, which lasts until November 23, we can look back at our progress and assess the wins and losses. And be more mindful of what we believe in.

The Moon is still in fun-loving Leo as the weekend gets underway. Friday evening starts on a communicative, active note, but ends on a downer with the Moon opposing Saturn.

On Saturday, Luna moves into task-rabbit Virgo midday. It’s a great day to tend to chores and get organized. Though with mental Mercury opposing Saturn, we may chafe at the conflict between responsibilities and need to express ourselves fully, perhaps in more creative or romantic pursuits.

But a fun-loving and optimistic Sun-Jupiter aspect is in force all weekend. The good vibes and times roll on into Sunday evening, making it hard to remember that we need some shuteye for the workweek ahead.

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