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Weekly Horoscope: July 13-19, 2020

Don’t take it so personally! Mom’s old advice may be hard to follow this week, what with a certain heaviness in the atmosphere. But we can go out and play, and get a lot done, too.

Monday gets off to a cranky start, with a Moon in dynamic Aries being thwarted by Saturn. Postpone any important discussions until later in the afternoon when the night orb enters tranquil Taurus.

Resistance may be futile starting Tuesday, July 14. That’s when the Sun in sensitive and sentimental Cancer faces off with two power players. Pay attention to issues that arise this week, as it is a dress rehearsal for next week’s New Moon.

First up, the Sun encounters Jupiter, now closest to earth and shining brightly in the night sky. It could open a window to a fresh goal or opportunity, though its full realization may be delayed. With the planet’s over-the-top tendencies muted by being in cautious Capricorn, we’re able to do so without falling into the traps of over-extending ourselves. But the sign’s famous arrogance can be enhanced, so we’re wise to stay humble and consider the good of all.

The very next day, the Sun moves on to oppose implacable Pluto. Any internal power struggles or conflicts could not come to light. Externally, too, reports of conspiracy theories may flood the feed. On a personal level, questions like: “What’s really going on?” “Who or what is working against me?” may arise. A better question to ask now might be: “Are my fears real or a projection of my shadow?”

The mood lightens considerably on Thursday, July 16, as the Moon enters blithe butterfly Gemini, on it’s way for cocktails with Venus. A productive aspect to Mars bodes well for discussions of all kinds. The astro outlook continues to be more tranquil on Friday. Confusion can reign in the afternoon, though. It encounters Neptune, making it an ideal time to make an early break to enjoy the weekend.

Meanwhile, Venus makes an uncomfortable contact with Saturn on Saturday. We may try to hard to please other folks, only to face rejection. Or, keep our distance out of fear, and not just of Covid. But the Moon’s entry into clannish Cancer shows us that we should seek solace and acceptance amongst those nearest and dearest.

The bosom of the family is somewhat less than comforting on Sunday, July 19, though. Tempers could flare over brunch, but ease over the afternoon. A good time to relax and drift in the pre-New Moon lull.

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