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Weekly Horoscope: January 4-10, 2021

Three planets shift gears. Paradoxically, the energetic downshift will help us charge up to make greater progress.

It seems like we can’t catch a break from intensity on Monday, January 4. Mental Mercury in strategic and industrious Capricorn melds with obsessive Pluto. Perspective may be hard to come by as we tend to exaggerate our needs. And to dredge up old grudges—neither of which helps in relationships. The Moon in hard-working Virgo suggests rolling up our sleeves and tending to the task at hand is the best outlet.

On Tuesday, Luna takes on Libra’s mantel, bringing a willingness to compromise and play fair. We can catch our breath in the leadup to Mars changing signs the next day. After being in fiery, impulsive and driven Aries for six months, the red planet enters Taurus’ placid pasture. The action planet takes a more practical approach in the sign of the Bull, and has both patience and persistence. Those qualities were notably missing while Mars was in Aries, a sign that also chafed against restriction and following rules.

On Thursday, January 7, the Moon in deep, brooding Scorpio engages other planetary players: it opposes Mars and Uranus in Taurus and squares off with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Being all fixed signs, energy tends to be roadblocked. Rather than detouring into discouragement or cynicism, it might be best to acknowledge and honour any negative emotions, especially anxiety, that arise. Treat them with kindness and practice some self-soothing.

Friday is a big day, with two personal planets changing signs. Mercury says goodbye to pessimistic Capricorn and espouses futuristic Aquarius’ optimistic thinking. It’s a good day to schedule Zoom calls or a social media blitz. And to explore your inner innovator, even disruptor.

At the same time, love goddess Venus embraces the sign of the Goat. We leave behind a sense of adventure in relationships, both close and professional. Instead, we’re thinking about playing for keeps and quid pro quo. A lovely trine with Mars the next day bodes well for lovebirds making an important decision or commitment.

Speaking of adventure, the Moon gallops into Sagittarius on Saturday, January 9. It brings a gregarious energy and even though strong opinions are part of the mix, so is good-natured acceptance. Hit the asana or sofa on Sunday. The Moon squares dream, mystical Neptune in the wee hours, then goes void of course. Making it the perfect time to drift away into spiritual or creative space. Or just take a total (and healthy) break to recharge the batteries for a dynamic New Moon week to come.

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