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Weekly Horoscope: January 30 - February 5, 2023

Aquarius season is in full swing, with all planets powering forward through the zodiac! The overarching theme is one of growth, action and implementing—and pulling it all off with panache as we head towards the Full Moon in dramatic Leo.

The week gets off to a laid-back start with the Moon in communicative Gemini. It squares love goddess Venus early on, so tiffs could erupt at the breakfast table. By afternoon, it sextiles tolerant Jupiter, helping ease the sharing of ideas and injecting a shot of optimism to our thinking.

Tuesday morning the rosy outlook may be clouded. Or inner dialogue may be overly critical, sapping our energy. A late-night aspect between the Moon and Neptune may cause us to question our ideals. But a helpful trine aspect between the Moon and Sun the next morning could bring some advice from someone older and wiser that helps us see the light and gain stability.

Luna enters Cancer mid-afternoon on Thursday and forms mostly harmonious and productive aspects for the rest of the day. Most of the buzz will be around our hive. And nurturing ourselves and others is on the agenda, creating a sweetly supportive ambience.

On Friday, February 3. Luna, still in Cancer, creates some oversensitivity and hurt feelings. On the other hand, detached Aquarius is all about the collective and cooperation, and the Sun in that sign will be buffeted by a disruptive square from Uranus in Taurus. Cooperation is hard to come by, as both of these fixed signs are strong willed and don’t like to back down. It’s best to stay flexible and resist issuing ultimatums, lest the baby be tossed with the bath water.

Should I follow my head or my heart? It may be difficult to get the two in line when it comes to relationships of all kinds, especially romantic ones, Love goddess Venus is squaring off with martial Mars. With the former in tender Pisces, we may want to be understood without putting our needs into words. Or be in denial when it comes to sticking points. Mars in mental Gemini will want everything clearly spelled out without making a firm commitment. Diplomacy is needed to reconcile both tendencies.

It all culminates with the Full Moon in showy Leo on Sunday, February 6. This sign is all about standing out and living larger than life. There’s no better time to bring some diva sparkle to any project, as this lion-hearted sign can boost our courage. But with the lunation square disruptor Uranus, don’t indulge in over-the-top antics or go for shock value alone. It will backfire in a way that is equally extreme.

What to do instead: As Leo is ruled by the sun, this lunation is all about shining your unique light while still honouring and contributing to the wider community, local and global. Realize that how the message is delivered is just as important as the message itself. To strike the right balance, make sure to back up the razzle-dazzle with sincerity and integrity.

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