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Weekly Horoscope: January 3-9, 2022

Yesterday’s New Moon set a new agenda, one that calls for strategy and planning. We begin to gain momentum and enjoy the process this week.

But it’s not easy to keep the faith on Monday when jovial Jupiter squares the nodal axis. Our emotional needs tangle with our beliefs and make it hard to communicate clearly. By evening, the Moon enters objective Aquarius, helping us to detach and catch a breath.

Venus really sets the pace this week, putting everything we value from people to possessions under the spotlight. In retrograde motion, she bumps into the Sun this weekend. They only canoodle like this once every 584 days, which is significant, and we will feel its effects all week and into next. For now, t’s about reviewing our love and financial lives, tying up loose ends and making amends where needed.

The love goddess planet makes a productive sextile with Neptune on Wednesday, January 5. This makes it and the previous days optimal times collaborating on a group project, especially if it involves practical planning to achieve a higher vision. Any type of project that involves creativity and cooperation also gets a big boost under this influence, as do ways to monetize it.

Our efforts to heal and release the past become easier on Thursday and Friday, thanks to Moon in compassionate, let-it-flow Pisces. But we really should make the effort, as this marks a completion. Starting this weekend, Venus will no longer be visible in the evening but rather make an appearance just before sunrise as the "morning star."

Think of it as an opportunity for a big reset when it comes to Venusian matters: what and who you most love and value.. Perhaps the current pandemic setback helps you harken back to one of the gifts it brings: clarity about those issues. And what should stay and which should go. Venus is also the power of attraction, so this is an optimal time to contemplate how you might write the ideal romance and prosperity scenarios. Think of it as a process, with more to be revealed between now and January 29 when Venus begins forward motion.

Sunday brings a more dynamic day, with a feisty Moon in Aries favouring action over all else. This optimal for some “me time,” a spontaneous break from the routine that is all about you. With information-hound Mercury forming a sextile to healer Chiron, self-care tips are easy to come by and more illuminating than expected.

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