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Weekly Horoscope: January 27 - February 2, 2020

The accessory du jour: rose-coloured glasses, sported while riding your unicorn over the rainbow bridge.

Flights of fancy may take us off track as the week begins, but we quickly reclaim our groove. A relatively balmy week lies ahead—very refreshing after all the cosmic turbulence earlier in the month.

On Monday, January 27, love-goddess Venus canoodles with dreamy Neptune—and in the most idealistic and romantic sign to boot. Not only amorous love is highlighted; our compassion and care for fellow humans also ramps up.

And artistic endeavours can be beyond inspired. The downside: we too easily see what we want to see, and the heck with what’s real.

Don’t pack Tuesday’s sched too tightly. With action-minded Mars in Sagittarius we’re raring to go—except for that enervating aspect to Neptune. The result can be feelings of very low energy which can have a positive effect of making us pay more attention to our health. It’s also a good day to up the anti-flu measures like hand washing.

Some might also cut to the chase in affairs of the heart. If you’ve been feeling put upon or manipulated by your partner’s erratic or irresponsible ways, now is a good time to get clear.

A vigorous and enterprising Moon in Aries gets the mojo working on Wednesday and Thursday, January 29-30. The latter is particularly good for forging new paths. Luna collides with Saturn, still travelling close with Pluto, on Friday morning. It’s best to not confront those in authority then.

February dawns with the Moon in usually placid Taurus. It first confronts turbulent Uranus, however, which can mean it will be difficult to stick with the routine or find the comfort and security we crave. We can on Sunday, February 2, when we’re more inclined to make like the groundhog whose day it is and just stay in the burrow, snug, warm and content.

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