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Weekly Horoscope: January 24-30, 2022

A gang-up of planets in Capricorn drives the agenda, making it a highly productive week for those who are willing to work hard and strategically.

On Monday, action-planet Mars rolls up its sleeves and takes on the sign of the Goat. It loves being here, as long as it has an outlet like working towards a goal, be it professional or fitness-related. The Cap influence adds extra diligence and a willingness to move forward in stages. It likes to keep it real, too, so castles in the air can come crashing down. What can be built: a stronger sense of purpose. And also can add some fire in the belly as you set up a plan to achieve big things going forward.

Retrograde Mercury revisits the same sign on Tuesday, with the Moon in deep-probing Scorpio. Meaning this is the not the time to implement ambitious plans or projects, or sign a new contract. Instead, review and refine your goals already set. Wednesday is also highly productive day, with the Moon finding helpful allies among the other planets.

The mood shifts sharply on Thursdays, January 27, as Luna enters rambunctious Sagittarius. We’re less content to stay behind the scenes. Conversations can become overheated in the evening hours.

Our thoughts take on laser focus Friday, thanks to a conjunction between Mercury and Pluto. This is an excellent time to reassess your career or even life direction. And take a second look at how others perceive you on the job or social media. Are the words and images you project furthering your cause? Insights can be life-altering. Sunday is also optimal for such contemplation, as the Moon will also get into the act.

On Saturday, Venus finally begins forward motion, also in the sign of Capricorn. This spells good news for relationships. However, it will take until early March to leave what is known as the shadow phase. So until then we may feel limited in our interpersonal relationships. But by the end will know what and how is truly of value to us. and much as the days are growing steadily longer, so too a sense of harmony, unity and bonhomie will gradually ramp up.

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