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Weekly Horoscope: January 2-8, 2023

A “get ‘er done” spirit enlivens the first week of 2023, but with a Full Moon impending it’s best to take a “wait and see” approach.

On Monday, January 2, family, home and tradition take a backseat in our affections as love goddess Venus moves in with progressive Aquarius. Freedom becomes the watchword in all relationships, and we’re more opn t non-conventional, even outré arrangements. The sign rules technology, so cherchez-ing l’amour online might feel right. It also knows one can’t have too many friends, so expanding your circle of friends via any means, including teleconference, is on trend now.

Both the Moon and Mars are in busy-bee Gemini on Tuesday. The red planet is still retrograde, though, so it might be hard to follow up on all the many ideas buzzing around. It’s best to jot down as many as possible now for later review. We begin to feel the effects of a lovely Venus-Jupiter sextile which perfects in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. And spreads convivial beams throughout the day. This is an excellent time for a get-together if you didn’t get enough over the holidays.

Set your sights on wide vision on Thursday. An ambitious and strategic Capricorn Sun forms a friendly alliance with inventive Uranus in Taurus. Think both original and practical when it comes to new goals. One might be looking for ways to use technology to work smarter, not harder.

The lunar cycle culminates on Friday as the first Full Moon of 2023 falls in sensitive, caring Cancer at 6:07 pm ET. In a sign that’s big on nurturing, this is a good time to dispense some TLC to both yourself and others. Actions speak louder than words now. With still-retrograde Mercury conjunct the Sun, words can be too easily misunderstood. Or have an unexpected and unintended effect. But other aspects ensure that with goodwill and good intentions, anything can be worked out. And a lot learned about the importance of communication. As well, a productive aspect to Uranus can help shift or heal any co-dependent tendencies.

The emotional cycle continues on the weekend, until Luna shifts into fiery Leo at 9:40 pm ET on Saturday. Buoyant aspects carry us into Sunday. Early in the day, it opposes Venus, making for a romantic morning. Later, it makes active aspects that carry us out into the world with more optimism than before. With mental Mercury in trine to inspired Uranus, conversations can take unexpected turns into thought-provoking channels. You might want to jot down some of the more brilliant ideas that abound now.

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