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Weekly Horoscope: February 24 - March 1, 2020

We’ve got that Mardi Gras feeling, thanks to an exuberant cycle that kicked off with the New Moon last Sunday. Plus, we get an extra day to make a leap (year) of faith.

We’re still coasting on what Venus and Jupiter started (see last week’s post). They whisper in our ears that nothing succeeds like excess, especially when it comes to love and self-indulgence. Think twice before making a grand romantic gesture or maxing the credit card.

Monday, February 24, brings a constructive and stabilizing sextile between the Sun and get-‘er-done Mars. Especially inspired are projects with a creative or spiritual focus. And since Mars is in Capricorn, the most highly productive placement, this aspect could help our efforts be guided by a sense of how it all fits in the Big Picture.

he next day, Tuesday, the Sun conjoins mental Mercury, now a bit muddled. For it is now in a sign not known for clear thinking, Pisces. Plus, it is still well into its retrograde phase, renowned for causing confusion in communications and commuting. We can get a lot done now if we focus on reviewing and refining. And dealing with things we’ve swept under the rug for far too long.

What not to do: adopt an extreme laissez-faire attitude. And don’t assume; check to see how long it has been since you backed up your computer, but really. Likewise for your passwords and other measures that safeguard your data.

Mercury also aspect Mars early Wednesday morning. So we may have a lot to say and to a lot of people.

But the Mercury retrograde advice holds doubly true: Put that text, post or email aside, wait a while, then come back and look at it from another angle. If it’s still appropriate, only then hit send.

Cue the fate theme from the opera Carmen on Friday, February 28. A Moon in quiet romantic Taurus turns our thoughts to l’amour. And love goddess Venus is in impulsive Aries, making us eager, even impatient, to follow that impulse. And to keep it simple; it’s all-in our all-out with the sign of the Ram. But on that day, Venus buts heads with implacable Pluto. Fears can arise when our needs are not instantly met. We may be tempted to take extreme measures to gain control in relationships—or we’ll be on the receiving end of the above, depending on where it hits in our charts.

Leap Day, Saturday, is a better day to indulge our inner romantic. Which is true whether doing so vicariously through a good novel or movie, or in person. But the Moon is still in the sign of the cautious Bull, so fewer people than usual will be tempted to seize the time-honoured tradition of popping the question.

Luna enters chatty Gemini on Sunday, March 1, at 2:21 pm ET. We’re all talk, and lots of it, for most of the afternoon. Mental efforts will be favoured over the physical. But it is Sunday and Mercury is still retrograde, so best outlets might be a games afternoon or journaling by the fire.

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