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Weekly Horoscope: February 21-27, 2022

Extreme rhetoric still fills the air (and airways), but becomes background chatter to a week full of creative and romantic promise.

The week kicks off with the Moon in passionate, “you can’t handle the truth” Scorpio. It squares off with Mercury, indicating we would be wise to moderate our tone. Later, an alliance with Jupiter and Uranus helps us find more mindful and creative ways of expressing.

That trend continues the next day. Mostly positive aspects prevail between the Moon and Venus and Mars, the latter two close travel companions these days. Jupiter and Neptune chime in, helping us to not only look for the best and brightest in our actions and relationships but find practical ways to realize our vision. The only dark spot occurs around lunchtime when a lunar square to Saturn may make us wonder what’s the use.

Luna enters outspoken and high-minded Sagittarius on Wednesday, February 23. On the same day, the sextile between action-star Mars and visionary Neptune culminates. And because Venus and Mars are pairing up in the sky until March 6, love-goddess planet makes the same aspect on Thursday. Mars brings a bold desire to act while Venus insists that it must involve enjoyment and cooperation, and Neptune inspired vision and concern for the collective.

This is a special time for developing closeness and connection, and even forging new bonds and alliances. A new sense of teamwork infuses group efforts and inspired ways of collaborating abound. New dimensions of inspiration infuse creative projects, along with ideas for getting them off the drawing board.

The trouble is that Uranus in pragmatic Taurus squares Mercury in Aquarius on Thursday as well. Synapses will be firing on all cylinders, “inspired” ideas flying. Think twice (or maybe thrice) before you run with one. For now, just jot them down. They will require a reality check or two before you know if they are truly viable.

Both Venus and Mars are in pragmatic Capricorn. With the Moon also entering this sign on Saturday, the good vibes carry over through Saturday. Passion (Mars), romance (Venus) and inspiration (Neptune) are high on the agenda. A newfound sense of purpose adds zest to close relationships. And because this is a sign that plays for keeps, any proposals will be sincere and lasting.

Passions run especially high on Sunday. With the Moon conjuncting implacable Pluto early in the day, we may re reminded there are deep-seated issues that must be resolved before any true progress can be made in any relationship, especially those within the family.

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