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Weekly Horoscope: February 20-26, 2023

The New Moon in Pisces brings a breath of fresh cosmic air, ushering in a gentler cycle and renewed confidence.

An underlying sense of excitement is in the air on Monday, sparked by the New Moon in Pisces at 2:06 am ET. This fresh cycle in a contemplative sign urges us to get quiet and seek (hopefully) divine inspiration. With both luminaries having just visited Saturn, this lunation is more grounded than most. And the sign’s duality can help us both look to and release the past while embracing the future with renewed faith.

This is an optimal time to begin a spiritual quest or up your practice, or explore the artistic side. Or to find a new community with similar high ideals. One caveat: This one can open new floodgates of insight and compassion, but remember to keep a grip on some healthy skepticism. If you’re the type who has trouble with boundaries, shore up your defenses. Being too trusting or even gullible could lead to entanglements. And do remember there is a fine line between helping and enabling.

On the same day, love goddess Venus strikes a superheroine pose as she strides into fierce Aries. Is it love or raging hormones? Until March 16, we may be both impetuous and impatient in all things this planet rules: romance, finance and values. And find folks around us, as Dorothy once found in Oz, “certainly do seem to come and go.” Pre-spring flings are not out of the question!

We may tend to speak first, regret later as mental Mercury squares disruptive Uranus. at the same time, this combo can help spur some out-of-this-world creative thinking.

Life swerves into the fast lane on Wednesday, February 22, as the Moon rockets into Aries. A collision with ebullient Jupiter only serves to lift our self-confidence to the stratosphere. And lively and productive conversations are on the agenda as communicative Mercury trines action planet Mars.

The good vibes roll on until late Thursday night, when Luna squares off with implacable Pluto. Old grievances and wounds may need to be aired, giving us no rest.

A new sense of calm is in store for Friday, as the Moon enters stable, peace-loving Taurus. It’s a good day to take a “me” day and indulge the senses, like in an impromptu spa getaway.

All is not quiet in the Bull pen early Saturday. An early morning conflict with Uranus spells sudden changes of plans. And we’re not quick to pivot. Things settle down to a welcome lull until early evening, when a lunar kerfuffle with Mercury brings disturbing news or sudden arguments.

Sunday may start on a gloomy note due to an early Moon square pessimistic Saturn aspect. But the rest of the morning is prime time for enjoying some extra sleep or loafing time. Luna enters chatty Gemini before noon, so alone time is over. Reach out and enjoy a variety of interesting, perhaps enlightening, conversations.

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