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Weekly Horoscope: February 19-25, 2024

Alternating cosmic currents prevail, as we’re pragmatic and business like one day, ready to fall head over heels in a romance or creative project the next.


On Monday, the Moon is in domesticated Cancer, and we may feel cranky and out of sorts facing the workaday world. A more productive trend kicks in midafternoon, though, and continues into the next day. This sign can be a worrywart, but positive allies in the form of other planets come along in sequence to bolster confidence and trust in the universe. We can make excellent use its positive influence on things to do with the Crab, like home matters, dealing with women and public relations.


Luna takes on a diva role on Wednesday, February 21, shifting into showy Leo. It stands against Pluto in the morning, which means bids for attention, especially theatrical ones, could meet with collective opposition. Aim to stand out but not overshadow.


By afternoon, the mood shifts dramatically as the Moon opposes first Venus then Mars—both of whom are heading for a big tryst in visionary Aquarius on Thursday. The many folks who had a disappointing, even disastrous Valentine’s Day can now kiss and make up.  Or kiss and explore new possibilities.


Venus is the love goddess, and Mars is all about passion. Single or coupled, most of us will fieel impelled to make a move. Now, in platonic Aquarius, it’s also an excellent time to reach out to friends and express our affection. Passion projects, especially if they involve a humanitarian or social justice cause, can get a turbolift.


This is the first full week of Pisces season, in which all zodiac signs will benefit from the four-week solar shift into the water sign. An on Friday, communicator Mercury also joins in until March 9. It is now easier to get out of the left side of our brains and into the right, our hearts and intuition. It will be easier to be more mindful, introspective and loving. 

Creativity and visualization skills are amplified, and we may receive instghts in dreams.


This is all heady stuff, but on Saturday at 7:30 am ET, the Virgo Full Moon injects some rational reckoning. At it’s best, this sign helps us be discerning and organized. We may find a closet clear on that day satisfying and leads to insights about other ways in which our lives are stagnant and cluttered.  A Saturn influence could make us doubt; being in Pisces, we may feel order and control is all an elusive dream.

Mercury is important, being Virgo’s planet, and also “under the beams” of the Sun, meaning its brilliance could obscure important details. But it is also in Pisces, helping us to balance the rational with the intuitive to regain our faith and equilibrium.


Also on Saturday, Venus (relationships, creativity, money) clashes with Jupiter (abundance but also excess). Optimism and wanting to believe could cause us to overshoot the mark in romance or spending. Or, in a desire to have a good time, overdo it at a social gathering. Creative output could be epic.


On Sunday, the Moon in Virgo brings us down to earth. It makes a helpful trine to ingenious Uranus early on, helping us to both tend to chores and find time to be spontaneous and inventive. Venus and Neptune are not in harmony, which could result in a real or figurative hangover from previous overindulgence. We can find a remedy, though, under this health-conscious sign.

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