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Weekly Horoscope: February 15-21, 2021

Time to storm the barricades! Whether out to change society or your life (or both!), you can ride a wave of revolutionary zeal this week.

A Moon in dynamic Aries drives a can-do spirit on Monday, February 15. Along the way, it forges helpful alliances with other planets, making for a smooth ride towards our goals. A major roadblock could occur midday Tuesday, though. Folks tend to overreact to perceived power plays and, given the sign’s elemental nature, in a fiery way. Stability and progress return come evening.

It’s only a lull before the storm. Because Wednesday marks on of the year’s major cosmic events, the first in a trio of Saturn-Uranus square aspects. Although neighbours in the heavens, the two have very different astrological agendas.

Saturn, Kronos, is all about earthly reality and the structures, laws and mores that make for orderly human society. It helps us stay safe and productive, but can also be rigid and dysfunctional. Uranus is the one that blasts us out of confining mindsets and habits and into expanded thinking. It is about evolution and revolution. But it can also bring fanaticism and mindless rebellion.

As if these two impulses weren’t already difficult to reconcile, consider the signs they are in. Saturn is lodged in futuristic Aquarius, the sign associated with Uranus. Because the planet is also the old ruler of the sign, it tends to express more positively than one might imagine.

But the square aspect from Uranus can goad it into fanaticism. Because that planet is posited in Taurus, the place where it feels least comfortable. Already riled, when Uranus clashes with cool, detached Saturn in Aquarius, extreme things can happen. Positively, the Taurean influence can give us the grit and determination to make real change.

Endpoint: Saturn squares Uranus again on June 14 and December 24. So this is just the beginning of a long transition. Take time this week to ask yourself if your barricade is really worth defending. Or, are you doing it out of habit? Out of chaos can be planted the seeds of your new reality.

On Thursday, the Sun makes its annual pitstop in dreamy, mystical Pisces for a 4-week stay. The Moon in Taurus helps us get our feet on the ground, but by evening highlights the Venus-Mars square, exact on Friday, February 19. Because the love goddess is in idealistic Aquarius and Mars in sensual Taurus, couples may find intimacy issues hard to resolve. Or, with both in the signs involved in the Saturn-Uranus square, might find ideological differences put them at odds.

A sociable Moon in Gemini sets the pace on the weekend. Not even Mercury, planet of communication, grinding to a halt as it prepares for forward motion can put a damper things. Expect lively Zoom calls big on cooperation and respect.

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