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Weekly Horoscope: February 13-19, 2023

We’re getting real and preparing for a fresh cycle that begins next week, while idealism, inspiration—and maybe some romance—help us envision new possibilities.

Monday dawns with the Moon in intense and incisive Scorpio. Although it gets off to an upbeat and soulful start, the mood gives way to one of emotional isolation. We may doubt that anything is really changing. The mood shifts dramatically in the evening when Luna enters Sagittarius’ optimistic domain.

The Archer’s unfettered spirit informs much of the Valentine Day’s scenario. While not the most romantic of signs, the Moon here bodes well for spontaneity and an adventurous spirit. Attached or not, there is laughter and fun to be had, a refreshing change from yesterday’s heavy vibes. Exploring someplace new would also be a good outlet.

As well, love goddess Venus and ethereal Neptune move closer to a perfect alignment early Wednesday morning--ideal energy for romance and imagination. It casts a rosy filtered glow and sunny vibes over just about everything. Though the Moon in Sagittarius balks, it’s still easy to get swept up in all the wonderful feelings. But try to keep one foot on terra firma. You can also seek an outlet in an artistic project. Or, since it all occurs in the sign of Pisces, seeking spiritual union or practicing forgiveness.

Thursday, February 15, begins with the Moon in dour Capricorn. And the Sun’s radiance dampened by a union with pessimistic Saturn. This can be a downer, but one that serves a purpose. Happening once year, this combo can serve as a useful grounding checkpoint. Success comes to those who are willing to put the hard work in.

Significantly, this will be the last such conjunction in the sign of Aquarius for another 30 years. So there could be issues from the past two years that require attention and completions. And with both planets in Aquarius, we can find ingenious solutions to long-standing problems.

As well, Jupiter returns to 8 degrees Aries, which is where it went retrograde in late July of 2022. Was there something that fired you with ambition or the urge for a fresh start then? This could be time you recapture the feeling.

Circle Friday as the most productive day of the week. Luna lingers in Capricorn, making favourable alliances with four other planets. Inspiration and assistance can come more easily and from unexpected quarters.

The weekend outlook is both laidback and upbeat, and might be good for an early spring break. On Saturday, the Moon is in gregarious Aquarius, meeting easygoing Jupiter early on, the joining chatty Mercury in the afternoon. As well, the Sun makes its annual entry into go-with-the-flow Pisces.

And on Sunday, the pre-New Moon lull gives us permission to loll and enjoy a lazy day. Come evening though, our thoughts may be more serious as we prepare for the fresh cycle that starts the next day.

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