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Weekly Horoscope: December 9 - 15, 2019

Cue lights, mirth, merriment! Holiday preparations enter the fast lane this Full Moon week, that also could see at least one relationship hit the wall and our dreams the stratosphere.

On Monday, December 9, cosmic sleuth Mercury leaves Scorpio’s suspicious waters. Now in Sagittarius, the truth is not out there but in the inspiration of the moment.

Communications take on its larger-than-life style, and we tend to make sweeping statements at the drop of an elf hat. It can help fire the peace and on earth and goodwill to all thing in how we interact. We’re also more apt to shoot from the lip and ask questions later.

Restlessness or stress might get the better of us on Tuesday, as the Sun and Uranus make a jittery aspect. Plus, Mercury is also building to an uncomfortable quincunx with the side-spinning planet as well. Changing circumstances or unclear messages from others can keep us on edge.

The Full Moon at 12:12 am ET Thursday falls in multi-tasking and quick-thinking Gemini. Which means we should be able to cruise the malls for holiday deals, answer important work emails, and negotiate a truce between family members at the same time. Except that Neptune is sidetracking everything. We may feel overwhelmed by the holiday madness. We want to focus on mind-body techniques to get out of matter and into spirit, out of the mall and into downward dog or volunteering at the soup kitchen.

Neptune might also add confusion, illusion or delusion to the mix. Are you sure you’ve got the facts straight about a friend or potential soul mate? We also could be offered a bright, shiny new opportunity that later will prove to have some shady strings attached. Or will simply loose its fizz faster than yesterday’s champagne. At least after the Full Moon is over, you will see the light.

Venus, which has a lot to do with money and relationship matters, is hanging with a rough crowd this week. On Wednesday, she meets stern Saturn. It’s like we’re called into the principal’s office to explain ourselves. Serious discussions may be underway the day before. Or, we may retreat and start making pros-and-cons lists and carefully evaluating them.

On Friday, she moves on to Pluto, who is hanging very closely the sky with the ringed planet. Breakthrough or breakdown? Whatever difficulties lurking in relationships now come to a head. The good: if we sit down and hash it out, powerful, possibly life-changing agreements can happen.

Just don’t make them a much bigger deal that perhaps is warranted. And resist issuing ultimatums or storming out. It is packed with sexual tension, too, with steamy potential if you can avoid the jealousy or possessiveness.

We catch our balance on the weekend, which starts with Luna in domestic and nurturing Cancer. Comfort food, anyone? By Sunday, the Moon shifts to showy Leo, getting us out of the door and into action.

Also on that day, a rare trine between jovial Jupiter and innovator Uranus occurs. This combo is stellar for practical dreamers. And could bring the gift of inspiration to help you reach any lofty goal. It’s time to exit the comfort zone and reach for the stars.

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