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Weekly Horoscope: December 28, 2020-January 3, 2021

Monday, December 28, could be a bit busy, though. A restless Moon in Gemini forms uncomfortable aspect to Pluto, making it a day to avoid power struggles. It’s best to show a willingness to adjust in all endeavours until a highly productive evening.

The Full Moon the next day at 10:28 pm ET falls in the sensitive and nostalgic sign of Cancer. It also all about home and family (both blood ties and the close bonds we form). No wonder astrologically, as the year’s midpoint featured two New Moons in this sign, the high-octane June 21 solar eclipse and July 20 New Moon, an extremely rare occurrence.

The lunation sextiles visionary Uranus making it a wonderful time to widen your vision and set some intentions for the New Year. And to join global online celebrations as it is now so much about the world community.

Sentiments runneth over and emotions run high in the final days. Cancer is also a sign that likes to nest, so it might be wise to just say no to some Zoom invites and just chill and the sofa. Do reach out and stay connected. But follow your gut, this sign’s domain, rather than your head. And do honour and explore your feelings.

If romance is on your mind, Wednesday could be either totally sublime or disillusioning. Love goddess Venus canoodles with Neptune, making it a week that is big on fantasy and a desire to indulge and escape. Do enjoy but maintain perspective and perhaps seek safe creative outlets. To avoid the negative, switch the rose-coloured glasses for some crystal-clear lenses. Since Venus is in nomadic Sagittarius, indulging in some virtual travel or planning a big post-pandemic trip might be a good outlet.

You’ve probably read about the Great Conjunction in Aquarius that occurred on December 21, shining brighter in the sky than a star. Still wondering when you will see the light? On Thursday, December 31, the Moon in Leo illuminates both planets. If you didn’t have an Aha! moment about what it means for you, this could be the time that inspiration strikes

January 1, 2021 dawns with the Moon still in romantic and celebratory Leo. With bodes well for happy New Year wishes ringing true! It is goaded by Uranus in Taurus, a sign that loves the culinary delights. All to say holiday over-indulgence could continue. The side-spinning planet also likes to break the rules, so we may chafe at the limits set on festivities by authorities. But flaunting them will likely end badly.

The good vibes roll on into Saturday and gain momentum. The Moon creating forms favourable alliances with Venus (love and relationships) and Mars (action and sexuality). The mood shifts on Sunday when luna gets busy in industrious Virgo. It is bolstered by good aspects to the strategic Sun in Capricorn and Uranus, making it an optimal time to draw up a plan for 2021 that combines innovation with practicality, wider vision with increased stability.

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