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Weekly Horoscope: December 27-January 2, 2022

Happy New Year! Just in time, a Jupiter shift lightens the mood and buoys the spirt, so we can look ahead to a bigger, brighter 2022.

The Moon in Libra on Monday brings a strong desire to connect one-on-one. But with love goddess Venus in Capricorn making an irksome aspect to freewheeling Mars in Sagittarius, responsibility and freedom differences may seem irreconcilable.

Tuesday, December 28 at 11:09 pm ET, marks a major planetary shift—and this time it’s something to look forward to. Expansive Jupiter leaves detached Aquarius for a plunge into Pisces’ welcoming waters for the second of three recent dips. This planet flourishes in the sign of the Fish, where it renews a sense of optimism about the future. And feels free to encourage highest aspirations. Time to revive some dreams and believe they will come true!

Jupiter will expand our universes in other ways, too. Empathy and compassion will know no bounds. And it will be easier to lead with our hearts and find other on the same wavelength. New ways of emotional healing can open up. It usually brings a fresh wave or romanticism as well, with the urge to merge taking on epic proportions. The downside: this combo is good at believing only the best of people, not so good at setting boundaries. If a true desire to help and heal veers into codependence territory, it’s time to get some help in doing so!

On Wednesday, usually chatty Mercury conjoins Venus and the next day does the same with Pluto, all in the sign of Capricorn. And action-star Mars makes nice with goal-oriented Saturn This might be a good time to resolve any relationship issues that came up last week. And also is an optimal time for strategic talks and thinking, and getting a jump on setting objectives for the coming year.

Speaking of action, a spirit of adventure and raucous good fun fills the air this New Year’s Eve. The Moon is in party-hearty Sagittarius, all fired up by Mars mid-afternoon. With Neptune chiming in later, overindulgence is a distinct temptation best avoided. Even if we did, New Year’s Day may feel like a hangover. It’s best to take the day to just drift and keep the faith.

And look forward to Sunday and a New Moon in ambitious and goal-oriented Capricorn at 1:33 pm ET. Mercury shifts into Aquarius the night before, helping bring renewed vision and clear thinking. The sign of the Goat can not only see the mountains to be conquered but come up with a plant to do so. This lunation gets a big assist from Uranus, helping us take big leaps, even quantum ones, forward. The winning formula: Confidence combined with persistence and resilience.

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