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Weekly Horoscope: December 18-24, 2023

The holidays are where the heart is, but our minds keep us on a productive track.


On Monday, mental Mercury in the dour sign of Capricorn makes a hopeful trine to it’s-all-good Jupiter. With both planets in Earth signs, cautious optimis reigns. And we’re able to find contentment with the tasks at hand. Just remember that the winged planet is still retrograde, so judgement may be off. Decisions made now may have to be revised later.


Tuesday dawns with the Moon in Pisces snuggling up to Neptune, so we may find it difficult to leave dreamland. This energy is best applied to creative projects or to taking a little time off to rest and revive. This is also the quarter Moon phase, which heightens inspiration and intuition, but also impulsivity.


A meeting of the minds may be hard to come by on Wednesday, December 20, as Mercury makes a fratchy aspect to Venus. Plus, later on the love goddess planet in profound Scorpio will oppose erratic Uranus, bringing up intense confrontations over control versus freedom issues in relationships. With the Moon in go-it-alone Aries, that might be our best course of action for the next two days. And do be prepared to field any curve balls thrown.


Reason returns to the neighbourhood on Thursday, though relationships can still be unsettled. With an impulsive Mars-Uranus quincunx in force, we might do well to avoid confrontations and take spontaneous breaks from the usual routine as a safety valve.


Thursday also marks the winter solstice at 10:27 pm ET, the shortest, darkest day of the year and the start of Capricorn season. It also marks a turning point, the return of the light. On this day, the Moon, exalted in Taurus, forms an exact trine to the Sun, now allied with mental Mercury. Both at zero degrees hints of an important seed time for new beginnings and profound changes germinating. And with the Moon conjunct Jupiter and trine Saturn, we may mark an important turning point when it comes to making a dream a reality or bringing out mundane lives more in alignment with higher purpose.


The Moon is in quietly industrious Taurus on Friday, making productive alliances with other planets. We might surprise ourselves at how many works tasks and gift items we cross off the list while still managing to make it to the office party and perhaps fulfill a family obligation.  And do it all with a smile.


Mercury retrogrades back into jolly Sagittarius on Saturday, helping us to remember why we like this time of year instead of focusing on the stressful bits. The Moon, though triggers some of the previous week’s relationship issues early on. By afternoon, peace returns and we can enjoy a blissful afternoon and evening in the company of others or being creatively practical.


By Sunday, the Moon has moved to busy, sociable Gemini. Once it passes a downer aspect to Saturn early morning, the way lies clear to activate celebrations. And the Sun makes a tranquil aspect to Saturn, helping us to organize and prioritize so we’re able to focus on what’s really important now: friends, family and giving.

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