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Weekly Horoscope: August 3-9, 2020

Express yourself! A Full Moon in Aquarius ramps up our need to make a bold, unique, even out-there statement. And can unleash the inner activist, ready to embrace a cause that benefits the collective good.

It all happens on Monday, August 3, at 11:59 am ET when the Moon exactly opposes the theatrical Sun in Leo. Every year, the lunation casts a once-a-year spotlight on issues relating to friends, organizations, clubs and other groups. Is it really working for you and the new normal you’re working towards? A square to Uranus goads us to take drastic actions. A wiser course might be to take a quantum leap in thinking/planning, but realize it may take a while to see tangible results.

This is a good time to make some decisions and perhaps let some old associations go. The challenge is to use tact and compassion in doing so. Because on the same day, the lord of communications, Mercury, opposes repressive, taciturn Saturn. We may be overly pessimistic in our thinking and posting, or resist expressing our true feelings for fear of backlash.

The all-clear sounds soon as Mercury leaves Cancer’s hyper-sensitive waters for brash, showy Leo late Tuesday evening. The winged messenger is particularly fleet of foot now, so we have a little over two weeks to enjoy this transit. Our communication style can take on new flair. This is a good time to explore and/or expand upon any creative thinking or writing talents as well.

At the same time, energy is building in anticipation of Tuesday’s Jupiter-Saturn square. The naturally timid can find inner reserves of courage, enterprise and true grit. We’re ready to damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead. The downside: we can over-shoot our mark or take unnecessary risks.

Relationships are under fire early in the week, as Venus in Gemini makes an uncomfortable quincunx aspect to Saturn. It may be next to impossible to keep things on the light side. Same goes for social life and financial matters. But the nagging uncertain feeling will pass. Because on Friday, August 7, the love goddess cozies up to the sign of Cancer for a month-long snuggle.

Love takes on a sweet and tender tinge under this influence. Under the prolonged transit of Venus in Gemini, we learned to communicate and relate at a distance. Now, we need more direct rapports. And Cancer being so family oriented, we’ll start with the people nearest and dearest. Expect to throw or attend a safe-distance backyard or balcony barbecue in the weeks ahead. This is a good time to seek support for any emotional insecurities, whether from a concerned friend or professional.

The weekend kicks off with the Moon in action-oriented Aries. It’s a great day to find constructive and enjoyable outlets. Helpful aspects favour both physical and entrepreneurial activity. But put the brakes on in the evening, when a clash with Jupiter can mean we overestimate our ability to take on risk.

On Sunday, our to-do list may take us away from more enjoyable pursuits. Or, pandemic-related restrictions will chafe more than usual. If we channel that frustration into achieving a tangible result, much can be achieved. And by 9:28 pm ET, a Taurus Moon helps us to realize the joys of slowing down and savouring every delicious couch-potato moment.

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