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Weekly Horoscope: August 28-September 3, 2023

Keep calm and hold onto that dream! This first full week of Virgo season holds a dreamy, mystical Full Moon in Pisces, Mercury retrograde, and the start of Uranus’ five-month backpedal through Taurus.

The week gets off to a fairly energetic start, with an industrious Moon in Capricorn. Although Luna changes signs mid-morning, deciding to give quirky Aquarius a spin, she forms an enlivening and creative alliance with Mars in Libra that dominates the afternoon.

Tuesday, on the other hand, could prove a bit tricky. Mercury is still retrograding in Virgo, making it more frustrating when things don’t go as planned. Added to that, surprising and erratic Uranus just turned retrograde, bringing some unexpected changes in course.

Keeping a flexible attitude will prove an asset over the next five months. The challenge: make meaningful and perhaps radical change, sometimes more quickly than is comfortable. Uranus is still in Taurus, so maintaining control over finances and the bottom line will require both patience and ingenuity.

Wednesday, August 30 at 9:36 pm ET, marks a rare Blue Moon—meaning a second Full Moon in a calendar month. In Pisces, this one is a supermoon as well, so emotions will be at high tide. So will psychic sensitivity. Such lunations are about awareness, and this one illuminates the depths of our psyches wherein dwells our intuitive, creative and spiritual selves.

Before it culminates, though, it will have collided with stern Saturn. Feelings and issues from the past may arise now. We may feel emotionally isolated and longing for soulful connection.

This is a good time to pay attention to our dreams. Or spend more time in meditation to clear way for whisperings from our soul. The Moon stands opposite the Sun in sensible and discerning Virgo, indicating we can so while keeping a toe firmly on terra firma.

And the first major aspect the Moon forms is with optimistic, future-minded Jupiter. Hope returns, and being in the practical sign of Taurus, the big planet helps us make practical plans to realize our dreams.

The Moon enters dynamic Aries on Friday morning, so we may feel energized to clear our desks for the long weekend ahead. But it opposes Mars in peace-loving Libra, who is having a tussle with downer Saturn. Frustration may prove the primary emotion as efforts appear to be thwarted with no apparent reason.

All is forgiven by the weekend, as Luna makes nice with sociable and romantic Venus in Leo. We may feel called to express our affections or entertain in a big way! The Moon will drift into sensual Taurus on Sunday, a sign in which it is said to be exalted. And emphasizes Venus’ resumption of forward motion. Which means the planet of love and harmony and all good things now has a bigger say. And in Leo, urges us to enjoy life to the fullest.

If a relationship went through some tests or renegotiation since July 22, the retrograde phase, it can now regain equilibrium. Or, if you’re in a position to cherchez l’amour, the chase can take on fresh energy and result in positive connections. Expect more effervescence in your social life and creative projects with lots of happy surprises. And any beauty makeover or aesthetic treatments can go well, but keep in mind Mercury is still retrograde before making a drastic change as your judgement may be off.

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