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Weekly Horoscope: August 23-29, 2021

Following Sunday’s illuminating Full Moon, we enter calmer waters—sort of—as the countdown to summer’s end begins.

Constructive cooperation is high on Monday’s agenda. Venus, now in diplomatic and accommodating Libra, makes a productive alliance with Saturn. The latter helps both the love goddess and the Moon, now in starry-eyed Pisces, bring a reality check to relationships without being a downer. An aspect excellent for making long-term plans you both can live with.

Hang onto the clear vision, because as soon as Tuesday the lens will fog up. Mercury, planet of logical thinking, is in Spock-like Virgo. But an opposition to vague dream-weaver Neptune makes it impossible to nail down the data needed to make clear decisions. At the same time, the Moon in impulsive Aries, we’re more prone to act first, think later.

The Moon’s independent streak is at odds with the needs of a relationship on Wednesday, August 25. Other aspects add fuel to any fires. Best wait for another day to reach consensus.

By Thursday, we’re clear-headed once more, thanks to helpful trine aspect between mental Mercury and incisive Pluto. We're able to analyze info and situations, and come up with productive solutions Just watch a tendency to speak too forcefully around mid-day, even if you’re expressing the truth. A little sugar coating wouldn’t hurt.

The Moon moves into earthy Taurus on Friday. We want to clear our desks and get ready for the weekend. But a scatterbrained aspect between Mercury and Jupiter might bring a flurry of busywork before we can do so.

Early Saturday morning an animating Moon-Uranus conjunction occurs in the wee hours, making it hard to sleep in. With Venus also in hard aspect to Uranus, it is likely a relationship or money surprise that disturbs both our repose and schedule. But by late afternoon, we’re able to indulge in the Taurus lunar urge to hit the hammock or man the barbecue—whatever spells sybaritic summer pleasure. The good times roll on until midday Sunday. The Moon then enters flighty Gemini, a time when we are happiest on the move. A good time for drinks on the terrace or whatever provides time to chat face-to-face.

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