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Weekly Horoscope: April 24-30, 2023

Pull back and regroup this week, which falls between two intense eclipses. But do keep on top of the small stuff, lest it become something bigger later.

All week, Mercury continues its first full week of retrograde motion in practical Taurus. Until May 14, it’s best be more deliberate than usual (just like a Bull!). Slow the mental boat and resist any snap decisions—or any important decisions, for that matter. Do review your methods and game plan. Explore the concept of good things come to those who wait. And reconnect with your sensing self with a few strolls on the sybaritic side; book a massage, facial, whatever feels good.

With last Thursday’s gamechanger solar eclipse behind us, Monday dawns feeling more like a day off. A mentally acute Moon in Gemini becomes fog-bound, thanks to Neptune. We may feel like we’re walking in a daze. Or tempted to escape the everyday by staying in an asana or on the couch binge-watching. Fortunately, a more clear and active shift occurs mid-afternoon.

Tuesday dawns with Luna in its home sign of industrious Cancer. And Sun in stable productive Taurus is making nice with strategic Saturn. It will be much easier to tend to tasks at hand and we can cross a lot off the to-do list. Intuition is strong and on target.

The pace quickens on Wednesday, April 26. Earlier in the day is better for finding creative solutions. Later, a square between the overly sensitive Moon and harsh, impulsive Jupiter in Aries may cause us to make snap decisions we will later regret. Or snap and people we feel are pressuring us. A chill lunar trine to Neptune in the evening helps us to regain our inner equilibrium.

Thursday marks the Moon’s shift into bighearted Leo. But right away, it clashes with powermonger Pluto before dawn ET. Early risers are advised to avoid discussing important issues, as the mood is both dramatic and confrontational. Later, it hits the first quarter stage, with applecart upsetting Uranus. Common sense may clash with a need for attention, perhaps fueled by insecurity. The trend carries into Friday, and finesse is needed to keep on an even track. All is well come evening, though.

The weekend out look is mostly upbeat. On Saturday, an enlivening trine between the Leo Moon and adventurous Jupiter may find us hitting the road early in search of recreation. Late afternoon, Luna enters low-key Virgo shifting our attention back to chores and what is necessary. Cooperation is easy to come by.

And a sextile between Mars and inventive Uranus can help us be both productive and fun loving. The practical trend continues into Sunday, an excellent time for pursuits like crafting, gardening, woodwork or anything that is both enjoyable and pleasurable.

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