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Fear: The Fight. How you can use the New Moon energy to spark positive energy in your life.

Here we are, a big New Moon in Aries, which each year marks a fresh start.

Yet you, like me, perhaps find mustering the usual enthusiasm and zest is a challenge, to say the least. The pandemic confines us to our homes, where lurks fear for our physical and financial well being.

This New Moon in Aries is arguably the most powerful of the year. And it can help us reclaim our courage and meet the challenges that lie ahead. This bold sign is also able to fearlessly stand on its own when needed—something we all must cultivate now.

But we must take action to invoke it. Here is a simple way to inject new energy that is performed at home. I and my clients have found this technique immensely useful.

Optimal timeframe: Within 24 hours of the New Moon, exact on March 24 at 5:28 am EDT. In a pinch, up to 48 hours will still be powerful.

Before you do either, clean the house. If you are adept at energy-clearing actions like smudging or using salt, do so now. Or, take up a broom and have at the floors, picturing all the stagnant, fearful energy being swept away.

If you only have time to focus on one area, make it the front door: you can’t invite strangers in, but you can symbolically welcome fresh and positive energy in. If you’re familiar with the Ba Gua of Feng Shui, the “helpful people” area of your home might also be a good place to focus on.

Intention-Setting Ritual

Ancient tradition teaches that setting intentions at this time can create powerful changes in our lives.

If you can, find a copy of the late Jan Spiller’s book New Moon Astrology or read “The Astrological Edge” column by her disciple Stephanie Shea in the March/April issue of Dell Horoscope magazine. They provide sample wishes to make for the Aries New Moon.

Shea suggests that “Aries holds dominion over new beginnings, self focus, authenticity, independence, courage and the physical body.”

In making your wishes, 10 is considered a powerful number but you can make as many as feels right. You might wish to light a candle and create your own ritual around making them.

It’s important to phrase them in declarative sentences. “I would like to find a way to exercise at home that will help keep me fit and healthy” is weak, even a tad plaintive. Instead try: “I now find a way to exercise at home that will help keep me fit and healthy.”

Some Aries wishes on my list: “I now responsibly take charge of the new challenges before me.” I now easily find new activities that bring a sense of aliveness and growth.” “I now initiate new relationships online and at a distance.” And so forth….

Other ways to invoke Aries qualities:

1. Initiate don’t frustrate. Just because you’re confined to quarters doesn’t mean you can’t start something new. On the prescribed long walks, strike out on a new, unexplored path. Or do so online in the virtual world.

2. Turn anger into responsible action. Summon your inner warrior, gird your loins and respectfully demand they restock the toilet paper (LOL). Reach out and help someone in worse shape or point out an injustice or oversight to the authorities who can do something about it.

3. Get excited over small things. Aries can help us tap into the inner child who finds joy through creative use of what’s at hand. Which is important for everyone, not just artists. Check out “32 Easy Exercises to Boost Your Creativity Every Day” at

And feel free to post about your own Aries New Moon adventures! I’d love to hear them…..

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