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Life Design With the Stars

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I believe we are cosmic by design. And meant to express ourselves to the fullest...

Galaxies of possibilities lie before you. Let's explore your expanding universe together.

More about me: I have the the sign of the twins, Gemini, rising. And wear two chapeaus: writer and consulting astrologer!

My approach to the art of astrology is intuitive yet practical. Mission: to help people gain insight into and celebrate their place in the universe. My consulting practice includes clients around the globe, and I once taught for the Astrological Society of Montreal and am a past-president of Astrology Montreal.

Over the past 25 years, I have written thousands of horoscopes and articles about astrology. My work has appeared in a wide range of media. In Canada, I am best known for long-running columns in Flare (9 years) and Tribute (13 years) magazines. For 7 years, my daily horoscopes and style blog appeared at (then NBC/Universal).

I pioneered looking at fashion trends through the lens of astrology. And I now use this skill in writing a home décor and style-oriented horoscope for Home in Canada magazine (formerly Montreal/Toronto/Vancouver Home), for which I also am a long-time contributing writer.

I offer consultations and workshops from my home base in the beautiful and style-savvy city of Montreal. When off-duty, I enjoy combining art, decor and ritual, and taking ballet classes..



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Mattie Hill

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From the beautiful city of Montreal, Quebec
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