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Life Design With the Stars
Discover your unique patterns and create a beautiful future

In an ever-changing universe, it’s hard to know where you stand. Or what next steps to take.

With Life Design Astrology, I can help you align the patterns, within and without, and create a future you love.


 Life Direction /   Relationships   /   Career /  Key Decisions / 
 Updates  /  Specific Issues  /  Fixed Star Reports / And more!

I can help you
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I believe we are cosmic by design. And meant to express ourselves to the fullest...

Galaxies of possibilities lie before you. Let's explore your expanding universe together.

The resume: In professional practice for more than 25 years, my approach to the art of astrology is intuitive yet practical.

My client list includes people from around the globe. I also once taught for the Astrological Society of Montreal and am a past-president of Astrology Montreal.

As well, my byline has appeared on thousands of horoscopes and articles about astrology in a wide range of media, online and off, in print from New Zealand to the US.

I offer consultations and workshops from my home base in beautiful and style-savvy Montreal, a UNESCO Creative City of Design in Canada. When off-duty, I enjoy combining art, décor and astro Feng shui, and taking ballet classes.


My story: How Life Design Astrology evolved.

Or, Confessions of a Horoscope Writer

I once had it all...or so it seemed. For decades, I provided one-on-one astrology readings at modest cost so that more people could avail themselves. Writing horoscope columns for major magazines and websites made it possible—because I earned a very good income from doing so.

Hundreds upon hundreds of horoscopes, from the usual love-money-health to a column for a golf magazine (called it Fore Stars). In Canada, I am best known for long-running columns in a major fashion magazine (9 years) and entertainment (13 years) magazine. For 7 years, my daily horoscopes and style blog appeared at (then NBC/Universal).

I pioneered looking at fashion trends through the lens of astrology. And I have used this skill in writing a home décor and style-oriented horoscope for Home in Canada magazine, for which I was a long-time contributing writer.


But the repetitive mass market content I was churning out seemed so superficial. All those words, words, words! They were so disconnected from the very real and often deep concerns of the people I saw as a consulting astrologer.  I became frustrated and unfulfilled, and then depressed. The universe had lost its magic.

Nerve-wracking as it was, I quit. I jettisoned the paying gigs and embarked on a quest to reconnect with astrology and the constellations. I began to look up—literally—to the sky, the planets, the stars.


At first it was for my own spiritual and personal development. And then I found that with my new awareness and reclaimed enthusiasm I also better served my clients, helping them more deeply access the wisdom of the stars.

My practice immediately shifted. Before, I always over-researched, wanting to relay all the info I could from the charts, those two-dimensional maps of the sky.


No longer blind to the wonder and magic, my readings have become less about relaying data. I now focus on helping you discover how unique the patterns in your chart are. And experience the magic that happens when you begin to creatively design a life of joy using them.

I don’t pretend to have it all figured out. But I do know that whenever I get out of synch, astrology helps me become more aligned. It’s really true that no two charts are alike, each has a unique design that depicts all your potential, your talents and gifts and also weak spots.

And beyond insight into your inner self, your patterns and workings, astrology helps you to both understand and align with the energies emerging in our era of rapid evolution.

Today, through Life Design Astrology, my aim is to help you create your future through a greater connection to the universe and understanding of the galaxies of possibilities, within and without.

Ready to explore? See my Readings page for the ways in which I can serve as your guide.



“Over the past 25-plus years, I have trusted Susan Kelly’s superbly informed and luminous discernment of planetary patterns, conveyed with kindness and tact. A gifted writer, her astrological consultations are consistently uplifting and a joy to experience.”

Jennifer Fisher, Professor, Contemporary Art and Curatorial Studies, York University, Toronto, Ontario 

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From the beautiful city of Montreal, Quebec, in Canada

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