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Weekly Horoscope: November 23-29, 2020

Stop, breathe! The planets conspire to provide an island of calm. And urge us to download the Thanksgiving impulse and embrace an attitude of gratitude.

On Monday, November 23, Mercury in probing Scorpio makes a flowing trine to dreamy Neptune. Follow that inner voice: its whispers will help you tap into a deep well of compassion and/or creativity, or to spend time in quiet contemplation. You might want to compose a list of all you are grateful for or make a vision board.

The pace quickens sharply on Tuesday when the Moon enters active Aries at 10:05 am ET. It will stay there until Thursday night and along the way meet up with asteroid Chiron. Which means our sense of social responsibility may clash with a strong urge to just do our own thing and damn the consequences. The Sun also makes a harmonious trine with the wounded healer demi-planet. This aspect can help us clear out old clutter of doubts and fears. And to give ourselves permission to take time for self-soothing and embrace greater self-confidence.

“Plays well with others” will not be the rule on Friday, November 27. Peacekeeper Venus in suspicious Scorpio will directly oppose mover-and-shaker Uranus in stodgy Taurus. Both are fixed signs, which have a tendency to want to be right all the time.

This combo can unleash some unexpected sexual chemistry and lightning-bolt new encounters. Creativity is also off-the-hook. But Uranus in Taurus is also about the material world. During this faceoff, we may also feel divided between taking our financial or love lives in a dramatic new direction or clinging to the status quo. Just know your risk-assessment skills may not have a secure connection now.

The Moon in Taurus gains its usual serene composure on Saturday, the same day Neptune slowly begins forward motion. It has been in retrograde since June 23, which hampered both artistic and spiritual vision. But the pause also may have helped us examine our beliefs. And perhaps examine where our trust has been misplaced and/or we allowed ourselves to give into feelings of victimization. Going forward, we can embrace greater faith and set firmer boundaries.

The Moon enters busy, chatterbox Gemini on Sunday, November 29. But it is still the leadup to a lunar eclipse the next day. The best strategy might be to take a timeout and use the sign’s mental impulses to think about new ideas and strategies. As you do, look beyond immediate concerns as a dramatically different cycle is set to launch on December 21 with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

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