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Weekly Horoscope: May 29-June 4, 2023

Take a breath—and a breather! The week brings a respite from intensity and a chance to enjoy some easy, breezy Gemini season energy. And maybe a preview of summer romance.

Back to work holds no appeal on Monday. The Moon in relationship and beauty-oriented Libra diverts our attention towards the finer things in life. With enjoyment top of the list. As well, we are leading up to the June 1 conjunction of Jupiter with the north node of the Moon. This is the time to reach for the stars, as in your higher calling or aspirations.

The nodes are not actual bodies, but rather the points at which the Sun, Moon and Earth will intersect during the annual eclipses. The north node is considered our evolutionary guide and is now in Earth-sign Taurus. Jupiter expands our vision and helps us to carry out our life purpose. We can now see more clearly where to find joy and how to best respect ourselves and the planet. So this is an important and highly karmic time.

Luna resides in Libra through Wednesday, making it a time when relationships and relating will be top of the agenda. So will enjoying life during this upbeat period. That’s also a day when pettiness and jealousy could try to crash the party, so keep some boundaries.

By Thursday, the Moon has entered intense and brooding Scorpio. Good news: after an early scuffle with inflammatory Mars, it forms productive alliance with other planets. We can get a lot done and deepen new alliances.

Meteorological summer starts now, and some will want to kick off an early Summer of Love. Because on Friday, June 2, love goddess Venus makes a harmonious trine to ethereal Neptune. Rose-coloured glasses are the accessory du jour under this aspect, felt most strongly Thursday to Saturday.

This influence is stellar for romance, as long as we realize castles in the air are lovely to visit but not meant to be live in long term. An ethereal, almost fairy-tale quality infuses all relationships and adds extra magic to creative endeavours. An especially charmed period occurs on Friday evening ET, when the Moon joins in to form a grand trine. Soul connections are not out of the question.

What do you know is the question with Saturday’s Sagittarius full Moon at 11:42 pm ET. It can fire a quest for knowledge and new learning, or just an inner restlessness. Which, since the two signs involved have to do with travel—Gemini close to home, Sagittarius far-flung explorations—most folks will want to hit the road this weekend!

In fact, expanding horizons, whether through a summer course or travel, will be top of mind. Forget the schedule on Sunday when mental Mercury and spontaneous Uranus collide. Be prepared for last-minute changes and to improvise. And you just might surprise yourself with some outside-the-box thinking that is nothing short of inspired.

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