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Weekly Horoscope: May 25 - 31, 2020

An ocean of emotion awaits this week, as the sign of Cancer calls most of the shots and helps us up our Emotional Intelligence scores.

Monday, May 25, finds the Moon in the nurturing sign of the Crab. For the next two days, it makes mostly amiable contacts to other planets. Even though we may feel overly sensitive, even needy, support can be found. We just have to remember to reach out and not assume other folks catch our drift.

The trend continues on Tuesday, but emotional and mental turbulence emerges. With Mercury making an uneasy aspect to Jupiter, it may be like herding cats to get our thoughts in a row. Or slow-thinking people in charge will be slow to grasp our most brilliant ideas. Power struggles can arise in the evening hours, ET. We may have to work extra hard to remain calm as something or someone pushes us to our emotional limits.

Wednesday, May 27, marks mental Mercury’s last day in the quick-witted sign of Gemini. We could suffer a busy-ness or information overload and/or interruptions to the agenda. Technological snafus may be rife late in the day, which doesn’t help. But Luna in optimistic, resourceful Leo does.

Mercury shifts to touchy-feely Cancer on Thursday. It will be in this tender sign longer than usual, thanks to a retrograde period next month. Which means for the next 9 weeks we will seek more closeness and emotional connection in all our communications. Intuition, perception and feeling rise to the top of the agenda.

This sign also helps us to create a shell, a very private circle with which to share our innermost feelings. Family bonds are key for the Crab, as is nurturing anyone close. We could find ourselves reconnecting with folks from the past, too.

But we have to remember to articulate clearly and not assume others know what’s going on. Or retreating when we hear something we don’t like and choosing passive-aggressive silence or tears as weapon of choice.

The Moon shifts into responsible Virgo on Friday, May 29. We may be grateful for social distancing as it makes uncomfortable aspects with other planets. On the same day, Mercury gets on the nerves of task-master Saturn. Despite our best efforts, it will be difficult to see how our personal needs fit into the new reality. Let it go for now.

The weekend begins with the Moon in Virgo squaring Venus in Gemini (11:18 am ET). Duty v. responsibility may be the sticking point in relationships. Still, we can get a lot checked off the to-do list on our own. A lunar opposition to Neptune in the afternoon indicates that some binge-watching or other healthy escape can help refresh our spirits.

Sunday’s scenario features the Moon in harmony-seeking Libra. It’s all about relating one-on-one, and helps us regain our balance and end the month on a high note.

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