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Weekly Horoscope: May 16-22, 2022

After days of spinning out of control, we begin to set course, best done by following your instincts, not logic (an illusive commodity now, anyway).

The week began with a dramatic Full Blood Moon total lunar eclipse just after midnight on Monday, May 16. In Scorpio, it spells emotional intensity, and stirs up conflicts over power and passion. Who really is in charge? And where am I going? can be important questions now.

But an eclipse can also serve as a time out, a chance to look at important issues from another angle. The Scorpio Moon opposes a Taurus Sun that lies in between erratic Uranus and lost-in-space Mercury, now retrograde. Both are fixed signs, prompting us to try to hang on for dear life to outmoded ideas, things and people. And yet much must go.

What we should hang our hat on now: the highest expression of Taurus, which is absolute adherence to integrity, getting clear on what we truly value, choosing peace in every situation, finding practical solutions with the long view in mind.

The Moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday helps us reclaim some optimism. A minor aspect between Mercury—retrograde, remember—and Venus can cause confusion or nonsensical misunderstandings in relationships of all kinds. And don’t be surprised if a certain lethargy sets in. Because energy is building towards a conjunction of planet Mars and mystical, creative Pisces.

Exact on Wednesday, this aspect brings a sense of ease and flow. We may take some time off for self care or to work on an artistic projects. Or for any kind of esoteric pursuit; we’ll be more comfortable sitting in asana than running a marathon under this spiritual warrior aspect. Or exploring new territory where the passionate side of love is concerned. It’s difficult to do so without guilt, as the Moon then will be in practical Capricorn. Work first, play later might be the best way to go.

Speaking of work, it’s back to biz on Thursday, May 19. The Sun in down-to-earth Taurus trines Pluto in business-oriented Capricorn, helping us to see the bigger picture and how we might play a bigger role in it.

The mood shifts on Friday when Luna enters detached and sociable Aquarius. The weekend starts now (or so it should, we feel). As well, positive aspects to mental Mercury in Gemini and Jupiter in enterprising Aries make it an optimal time to brainstorm. We can see the bigger picture in a way that balances self interest and the greater good.

Sol begins its annual visit to Gemini on Friday at 9:23 pm ET. This is a great time to issue spontaneous invites to folks you haven’t seen for a while. And be open to fielding a few yourself. This sign likes to get around the neighbourhood, too, and augurs a great time to feel good in the ‘hood. Or even expand your circle.

Sunday is catch-up day. Mercury will have backed up into Taurus, reminding us of things left undone for the past couple of weeks. And with can-do Mars making nice with focused Pluto, we’re able to roll up our sleeves and have at it.

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